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  • Learn the essential fundamentals of developing and sustaining a powerful, productive and effective virtual teams.
  • Engage, motivate and manage virtual employees/teams.

  • Avoid cultural, generational differences and other challenges that trip up most virtual based teams.

  • Inspire greater innovation and faster problem- solving.

  • Build and maintain communication skills and collaboration within virtual teams.

  • Build your virtual team toolbox with practical skills that have proven effective in motivating, managing and growing virtual teams.

  • Train, coach and support team members virtually.

  • Track the progress and performance of virtual teams.



A high performing virtual team means a high performing company.

Whether separated by 90 feet or 9000 miles our world-class programs provide you with customized solutions that drive engagement, communication, collaboration and success.

Virtual Team Builders is the leader in virtual team success.

A high performing virtual team means a high performing company.




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    Virtual Team Builders is a training and consulting company that caters to corporations and teams who depend on effective virtual collaboration to succeed. Our training is targeted towards the unique challenges faced by teams operating in a virtual environment; challenges that are present whether members work 90 feet apart or 3000 miles apart.