Virtual Training Solutions

Shifting the Mindset

Do you believe that for training to be effective it must be face-to-face? Does your organization invest time and money to fly employees around the globe for traditional, in-person training sessions? If so, it may be time to make the switch to virtual training! Virtual training is a fast-growing trend, rapidly becoming the new normal as budgets tighten and remote employment becomes more commonplace. Many companies have discovered that online, virtual training can be just as effective and engaging as the traditional in-person model, if not more so.

The change to virtual training is sometimes not smooth, however.  All too often, companies in transition fail to support their training staff in adapting to the online environment.  The training sessions that do not achieve their targets for knowledge recall or skill acquisition.

Virtual Team Builders specializes in preparing your staff to deliver exceptional virtual training, with programs designed to address the three core questions any company must ask when moving its training regime online:

  • Are my trainers familiar with current strategies and techniques for engaging remote learners from start to finish?
  • Am I confident in managing technical aspects of a virtual training environment to ensure a smooth, seamless experience?
  • Is my course curriculum designed for the virtual environment, achieving the same results or better before?

Our programs are designed to support the delivery of an exceptional overall training experience that transfers the knowledge and develops the skills your employees need.

There are a number of ways you can work with us. We can:

  • Convert your current face-to-face content to live online delivery
  • Teach your Instructional design team the principles to convert your face-to-face content to live online delivery
  • Instruct your trainers to train online
  • Train the content to your employees instead of your trainers having to conduct the sessions
  • Provide you with a Producer for your online sessions (technical back-up person)
  • Train your team to act as a producer

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    Virtual Team Builders is a training and consulting company that caters to corporations and teams who depend on effective virtual collaboration to succeed. Our training is targeted towards the unique challenges faced by teams operating in a virtual environment; challenges that are present whether members work 90 feet apart or 3000 miles apart.