Virtual Producer Development program


Producer’s Program

Defining The Role 1.5-hour online session

In this session, participants will develop an understanding of the role the Producer plays in a presentation team, supporting both the facilitator and the participants to maximize the learning opportunities and results.

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Determining & Managing Delivery Formats 1.5-hour online session

No two meetings are alike. The Producer plays a key role in ensuring consistency for the learners. In this session, we will delve into the skills a Producer needs to support the session.  Whether it is a virtual workshop complete with breakout rooms, or a webinar delivered to 200 and streamed to 300 people, you will be prepared and confident in your role as a Producer.

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Providing Support Across The Most Prevalent Platforms  1.5-hour online session

In addition to understanding the benefits and nuances of various delivery methods, a producer must be prepared to support trainers and participants across a variety of platforms. In this session, we will explore the major providers in the marketplace and contrast key differences among them to provide the most effective production support, regardless of the technology selected by the client or trainer.

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Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting  2-hour online session

Things will go wrong. Sometimes, they’ll go terribly wrong. The Organizer is the team member that anticipates and plans to make sure all is not lost and that learning proceeds. Learn strategies and troubleshooting techniques to prepare for the challenges you will likely experience making you the calmest person in what would be an otherwise chaotic moment!

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