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With over 25 audio downloads to choose from, our Know-on-the-Go series provides immediate solutions to common challenges such as: difficulties with logistics and technology; social management; virtual engagement; cultural and gender diversity; and relationships with their job or organization.


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Cultural, Gender, and Generational Diversity


As virtual work becomes more commonplace through new technologies and globalization, issues such as language barriers, differences in cultural values and customs may likely occur. Learning how well your team accommodates diversity and how these aspects influence the relationships among your team members, or with your clients, will give you the ability to problem-solve in these areas more quickly and accurately, as well as educate your team to the effects.


buy_smUnderstanding Values of Different Cultures

buy_smCommunicating Through Language Barriers

buy_smPreventing Cultural Misunderstandings

buy_smDealing with Gender Differences 

buy_smHandling Generational Gaps


Relationship with your Job and your Organization

Learning how committed, how motivated and how comfortable your team is with their work can help you better understand and manage not only individual members, but the team as a whole. Aspects such as the frequency of distractions, the ability to multitask, personal fulfillment from their work, whether your team members feel like their opinion is heard, whether they feel well informed about what happens within your company, and whether they are proud to be a part of such an organization will be addressed.


buy_smDealing with Distractions and Interruptions

buy_smMultitasking While Working

buy_smCoping With Anxiety and Stress

buy_smCoping With Work Pressures 

buy_smManaging a Work-Life Balance 

buy_smGetting Well Informed

buy_smFinding a Comfortable Work Space 

buy_smYour Connection With Colleagues


Social Engagement


In this segment, we focus on aspects involving communication between team members as well as between you and your team. Issues such as personal connection, trust, and respect for opinions and ideas of others will be addressed. Understanding and being able to fix where your team falters in this area is crucial; without trust and a high level of comfort, team member cooperation and input breaks down.

buy_smConnecting With Your Team

buy_smDealing With Personal Conflicts

buy_smDealing With Web Conference Glitches

buy_smOperating a Video/Web Cam

buy_smSolving Technical Issues

buy_smUsing the Right Technology 

buy_smMaximizing Use of Technology/Technical Equipment


Logistics and Technology

Working virtually can bring many logistical and technological hiccups. Team members may work in different time zones, or have problems with software or hardware compatibility.  As a result, these issues can produce problems of their own that may, for example, interfere with the scheduling or attendance of meetings or with member’s ability to stay on schedule and share their work.

buy_smDealing With Web Conference Glitches

buy_smOperating a Video/Web Cam

buy_smSolving Technical Issues 

buy_smUsing the Right Technology

buy_smMaximizing Use of Technology/Technical Equipment


The people behind the Know-on-the-Go Series

claire_smClaire Sookman, co-author: Distinguished as Canada’s pioneer in virtual team building, and Principal of Virtual Team Builders, Claire Sookman specializes in helping geographically-dispersed teams reduce costs and reach their maximum potential through training, coaching, consulting, and designing.



katleen_smKathleen Lane-Smith, co-author: Kathleen Lane-Smith is a freelance writer and editor. After finishing an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto, she completed her Master’s degree in English literature at the University of Alberta, and she is currently pursuing a certificate in book publishing from Ryerson University.  When she is not reading copious amounts of books, she enjoys globe trotting, wandering through art galleries and museums, and watching sci-fi films.


andrew_smAndrew B. MacNeil, narrator: Andrew B. MacNeil received his BA in Communications from the University of Windsor and currently lives near Windsor, Ontario. He possesses several years of sales and marketing experience in the radio, television and print industries, and he has worked as a television reporter. His voice work includes various commercials for a Windsor area auto dealership and several clients of CBS Detroit. Outside of his career, he enjoys spending time with his four teenage sons and their numerous sporting activities.


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