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Online, instructor-led training courses (Synchronous Training)

Our online interactive programs are designed to make you feel as though you are experiencing an in-person training session. Following the completion of your Needs Review, we then customize the Synchronous Training material to meet your company’s unique needs and objectives.

Setting the Groundwork 2-hour online session

The virtual workforce will soon hit over 100 million, and it’s still growing. Transitioning from managing in a traditional organization to a virtual environment requires trust, communication and camaraderie. This workshop will give you the foundational tools to work in, and lead, a virtual team.

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Brainstorming the Virtual Way 2-hour online session

Brainstorming is a great way to find innovative solutions. In a virtual environment, brainstorming comes with different challenges because you are using technology as the medium to brainstorm. In this course, you will learn to conduct an effective virtual brainstorming session, where you get the best from all attendees.

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The Communication Connection: Getting it Right 2-hour online session

Four common challenges that virtual teams face are: motivation, conflict, disconnection and communication. In this session, you and your team will learn how to foster relationships that balance individual behaviour styles with overall team performance.

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Making Norms the Norm: How to Create a Team Operating Agreement (TOA) 2-hour online session

Virtual Teams need to have guidelines around how to work together. Setting agreed-upon team norms is a best practice to help your team create positive changes. In this session, you will learn how to develop a Team Operating Agreement that will foster a cohesive team.

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Post Assessment Survey: Making Norms the Norm

An online survey will be conducted to assess the impact and success of the TOA.

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How to Optimize Virtual Team Meetings 2-hour online session 

When virtual meetings aren’t as effective and efficient as they could be, your organization suffers in lost productivity, missed deadlines and potentially decreased profits. In this session, you will learn how to organize an efficient, engaged, and productive virtual meeting, as well as learn strategies to overcome common challenges faced in virtual meetings.

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Building Relationships at a Distance 2-hour online session

Building strong relationships can be hard enough to do face-to-face, let alone in a virtual environment. When employees on a virtual team feel disconnected, the result is that project results may suffer due to interpersonal conflicts, miscommunication, and lack of engagement. In this session, you’ll experience innovative exercises to help foster a strong team connection that is designed specifically for virtual teams.

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Making Your Online Learning Stick 2-hour online session

We’ve all attended webinars that have limited audience interaction. The good news is that webinars can be as interactive as a face-to-face session, provided you know how to execute them properly. This session will teach you how to lead engaging webinars that encourage participants’ interaction.

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Virtual Team Simulation 4-hour online session

In this simulation you will have an experiential opportunity to practice and apply virtual teamwork skills learned in previous modules.

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Harnessing the Power of Cultural Diversity 2-hour online session

Let’s face it, on a virtual team we often deal with different cultures than our own. But the reality is that for teams working together virtually, this diversity can create a large gap. In this session, you will explore some of the challenges, and learn how to bridge the gap when working in a multi-cultural environment.

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Follow My Voice: Consists of a 5-part Webinar series, Course-book and Workbook

The virtual work environment is vastly different from the traditional workplace. Proper training, strong management skills and best practices for virtual environments are all essential to building an effective and engaged team. “Follow My Voice” will teach you the relevant skills required to succeed as a virtual manager. This series is a popular complement to our customized training modules.

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