Brainstorming the Virtual Way

Brainstorming can be a very effective way of coming up with solutions to problems and organizing the thoughts generated. Brainstorming also inspires creative thinking. However, virtual brainstorming offers some different challenges and opportunities that you need to prepare for, including how comfortable are participants in collaborating virtually; are they currently comfortable conducting virtual meetings and what brainstorming techniques will work virtually. In this session you will learn how to conduct an effective virtual brainstorming session where all the attendees are fully engaged.

At the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Describe the 5 principles to brainstorming
  • Discuss the challenges to brainstorming for the team leader and team members
  • Describe and experience how to build a virtual environment where innovative ideas flow without judgment
  • Describe how to use web conferencing tools to facilitate a virtual brainstorming session
  • Experience how to use paired chat, white board and mind mapping to brainstorm virtually

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