7 Microsoft Teams Secrets to Maximize Your Team’s Performance

telecommute 1 - 7 Microsoft Teams Secrets to Maximize Your Team’s Performance

7 Microsoft Teams Secrets to Maximize Your Team’s Performance

Microsoft Teams launched in March 2017 and is already one of the most successful virtual team collaboration tools in the world. It boasts 13 million users globally, and odds are, you’re one of them.

Odds also are that you, like many users, have barely scratched the surface of what this powerful platform can do. How it can enhance long-distance collaboration and productivity. The ways it can make communicating at a distance feel as instant and intuitive as working side-by-side.

Here are 7 Microsoft Teams secrets to maximize your team’s performance:

/Commands for Intuitive Actions

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Type “/” in the main field at the top of your screen to unlock powerful shortcuts that save time and effort every day. Even better, these shortcuts reduce mental load and keep your team focused on the work that truly matters.

Great Microsoft Teams /commands include:

  • /goto (go straight into a group or channel)
  • /last (jump to your last spot)
  • /keys (see all keyboard shortcuts)
  • /activity (see a team member’s activity)

@Mentions for Quick Messaging

Need to message someone in a hurry? No need to pull up a dedicated messenger window. Just click in the search bar, type “@” followed by the person’s name, enter your message, and send.


Similar to /commands, Microsoft Teams @mentions make it faster and more intuitive to do what you need to in as few clicks as possible, mimicking the ease and simplicity of working side by side.


Blur Your Background, Keep Their Focus

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Video chats are great for increasing face-to-face interaction, but nobody on the call needs to be distracted by the busy coffee shop, your (adorable) children, or whatever else is going on behind you.

That’s why Microsoft Teams allows you to blur the background, putting the camera’s focus firmly on person, not distractions in the environment.

Just click the three dots on the call menu and select Blur My Background to activate this handy feature.


Ask the Who Bot

Looking up simple pieces of information can take up a surprising amount of time and break your concentration. Fortunately, the Who bot is here to help.

Microsoft Teams’ smart personal assistant helps find the information your team members need quickly. The result? More productivity, less getting bogged down in research.

Great questions include:

  • Who is an authority on [topic]
  • Who is [person]’s manager?
  • Who was in the meeting about [topic]?

Click More Apps in the left sidebar to access the Who bot.


Praise Prompts

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Virtual managers know that encouragement is essential to building strong, trusted relationships – particularly in the virtual environment.

Microsoft Teams helps them do this with its Praise function. Simply click the three dots at the bottom of a message box for that employee and click Praise.

Managers can select a unique badge of appreciation to give to their employee, which will be displayed beside their name in public channels.


Rich Text Editing

Messaging on Teams allows text formatting like bold, italics, colors, highlighting, emojis, and more.

Much like in an email, team members can easily add emphasis to their text messaging, helping the key points and intended tone stand out. Further, adding a little flair to online chats helps make them more personal, fostering stronger team relationships.

Click the Format button at the bottom of your chat window, and More Formatting Options for a extra items like file attachments.


Save Messages or Bookmarks

Need to remember a key point someone raised in a chat or conversation? No more need to open a notes window. Simply click the sash (or ribbon) icon at the top right of the speech bubble to save the message for future reference.

To see your saved messages, click your profile picture in the top right and click ‘saved’, or just type “/saved” (another /command!) into the Microsoft Teams search bar.

Microsoft teams can be a powerful ally in helping your virtual team get the most out of its workday. These tips just scratch the surface of what Teams can do for your organization. 

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