Coaching program

Whether you are a new manager or a seasoned leader, leading virtually has a unique set of challenges that may require you to stretch (or flex) your current management approach and take the empowerment of your team to the next level.

Our coaching program provides new and seasoned leaders with personalized support to uncover and challenge the beliefs and perspectives that may be impacting their ability to lead effectively in this context. Coaching provides space for team leads and managers to explore how to:

  • Stay connected with team members and provide adequate support 
  • Increase their comfort with the level of empowerment virtual team members need to be productive
  • Communicate with impact in a context where the attention span is lower
  • Tap into new motivation drivers for themselves and their team members
  • Find the balance between striving for productivity and providing the flexibility required for team members to balance their work-life

The leader will leave every session with an actionable and personalized action plan that includes overcoming obstacles to its implementation to ensure momentum and rapid change.

This coaching program includes five 1-hour sessions over a 5 week period.  

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