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stephanie marion - Our Online TrainersStéphanie Marion

Stéphanie Marion received her Ph.D. in psychology from Ryerson University in 2014. She has been conducting research in social, cognitive, and forensic psychology for over ten years, and her research has been published in several peer-reviewed journals. Stéphanie’s research endeavours over the years have spanned many topics, from the factors that influence the reliability of witness statements, to how group collaboration impacts memory, to how the presence of others impact how much we eat. Stéphanie has also taught several courses in psychology and statistics at Ryerson University and Glendon College, York University’s bilingual campus.

Stéphanie Marion a obtenu son doctorat en psychologie de l’UniversitéRyerson en 2014. Depuis plus d’une décennie, elle dirige des recherchesen psychologie sociale, cognitive, et légale, dont les résultats ont été publiés dans plusieurs revues scientifiques. Les intérêts de recherche de Stéphanie ont, au fil des années, porté sur divers sujets, soit les facteurs qui influencent la fiabilité de témoins dans un contexte criminel, la façon dont la mémoire est influencée par la collaboration entre les membres d’un groupe, et les facteurs sociaux qui influencent notre consommation de nourriture. Stéphanie a aussi enseigné de nombreux cours universitaires en psychologie et en statistiques à l’Université Ryerson et le Collège Glendon, campus bilingue de l’Université York.

christine brown - Our Online TrainersChristine Brown

Christine has over 15 years experience helping Directors in high-profile, fast moving business environments – to achieve their goals.

Christine has designed, delivered, and evaluated courses for business students, including undergraduate courses, professional development course series, and certification programs.Notable achievements include managing a blended modality (combining online and in-class sessions) Business Analysis course series for Ryerson University, and, working with another Master Training, delivering the inaugural program on Enterprise Analysis at the BA/PM World conference.This course was received so enthusiastically that it was expanded and is currently being delivered at seven universities across Canada.

Christine has an extensive background in business,from working as a Project Leader at IBM to founding an HVAC-R company which has recently branched out into sustainable technologies such as solar and wind.   She also owns a manufacturing business that distributes baseboard radiators across Canada and the U.S.  She is a certified Synchronous Trainer who teaches, facilitates, and consults with various educational organizations, including the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and York University’s Schulich Executive Education Centre. She regularly writes articles and presents at conferences on topics related to Adult Education, optimal learning environments, and learning styles of adult learners.

When not looking after her husband and four children, her yellow lab, or her thoroughbred horse, Christine is an active member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Mental Health Association in Durham Region, promoting awareness of mental health issues and helping to build an accepting and compassionate community in which all members can reach their full potential.

deborah fletcher - Our Online TrainersDeborah Fletcher

Deborah Fletcher is an experienced Learning & Development Specialist, who has consulted with corporate clients to assess and assist organizations in developing their performance management systems, employee attraction and retention program strategies, and training and development programs.

As a facilitator, Deborah brings her passion for learning and development to leaders in the areas of organizational change, effective communication,teambuilding and leadership development.

For over 20 years Deborah has facilitated leadership skills training programs through both a classroom format and e-learning platforms and provided ongoing coaching for front-line, middle and senior management teams,covering topics ranging from empowering teams, building a customer-centric organization to performing under pressure.

As a sought-after presenter in national conferences and symposiums,Deborah brings her humour and energy to the podium and delivers dynamic,engaging sessions and programs.

Deborah holds a Diploma in Adult Training & Development from Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (O.I.S.E.), University of Toronto and is certified by DDI in their Skills For an Empowered Workforce Programs, in Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership II and IHHP’s Emotional Intelligence Programs.

leighabbot - Our Online TrainersLeigh Abbott

Leigh Abbott began her career in marketing communications & management for small businesses and non-profits. Through continual professional development and tenacious curiosity, she has provided solutions and opportunities to companies in both boom times and high stress turnaround periods for twenty years.

Leigh has provided training and implementation services to a variety of businesses seeking leverage highly skilled talent in both virtual and common-site settings. In addition to providing soft-skills and interpersonal programs, she is also a roll-out trainer for software such as Adobe Connect, Quick Books, Google Apps for Business & Non-Profits, SalesForce and more.

In January 2012, Leigh received her certification from the Organization for Entrepreneurial Development, a US-based 501(c)(3) founded to provide resources, expertise, and insight to small business owners. Through her work as an OED Certified Advisor, Leigh is among a select group of professionals authorized to provide OED’s Local Business Assistance Program. She serves as OED’s Outreach & Events leader, Tech Advisory Board member, Peer Trainer, and provides contract-based Operations Management for OED’s diverse virtual team.

Leigh’s a New Jersey native and graduate of Penn State University. She currently resides in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia with her husband and two sons. She is a proud Rotarian, and Club President for 2014-15. When not staring at a screen, webcam, or mobile device, she can be found jogging (slowly), golfing (poorly), cheering (loudly) at soccer matches, or contemplating either a trip to the beach or her next Ducati.

claire sookman - Our Online TrainersClaire Sookman

Distinguished as Canada’s pioneer in Virtual Team Effectiveness, Claire Sookman specializes in helping virtual teams work more productively together.

As the driving force behind Virtual Team Builders, Claire Sookman brings to the table over a three decade’s worth of corporate and public sector experience, working with over 4,500 managers in the past three years alone. Specializing in Virtual Team Effectiveness, Virtual Team Builders provide solutions that enables virtual teams to work more efficiently together.Claire has been a keynote speaker worldwide. She has been written about and quoted in the CIO magazine and is a published author on Virtual teams with 6 books to her credit.

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