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Post Session Support Webinar
An integral part of integrating new skills is to apply the learning into the virtual working space. All of our customized solutions include this post session webinar support. At the end of their initial program, team leaders, managers, and members get individual assignments to practice on the job. In this facilitated session, participants can ask questions that might have come up in their practice, then share what worked and what didn’t work with the group. Group sharing is a powerful way to deepen the learning from their own personal experience, as well as that of others.

Virtual Team Simulation
This powerful session is an interactive, online activity that mimics a virtual team environment. It provides participants an opportunity to practice their new teamwork know-how and abilities, before applying them in the real world.

Participants must draw on their knowledge, experience, and skills to successfully resolve issues and overcome obstacles. This reinforces learning and strengthens your team members’ competencies. Your employees will be better equipped to work in and meet the challenges of a virtual team.

Recognize that there are unique challenges in every virtual team. Leaders are feeling the pressure of managing their teams in a more interconnected world, while individuals may struggle with productivity due to isolation and competing priorities. More and better virtual meeting platforms alone do not solve the real issues of operating a virtual team. The precise combination of programs we recommend are tailored to the specific needs of you and your team. Get started with our Virtual Team Performance Survey followed by one-on-one interviews and culminating in a customized program to meet your team’s needs.

Certificate in Virtual Team Management (PMAC)
Virtual Team Builders
is one of a few virtual training organizations that is recognized by the Project Management Association of Canada (PMAC). We offer this Certificate in Virtual Team Management to high performing team leaders and team members at all levels and in any industry. It was designed to meet the needs and maximize the effectiveness of working in an ever-changing and challenging virtual environment.

As remote teams continue to grow, enhanced virtual leadership skills are required to stay ahead of the competition. Learn the skills you need to navigate in this new normal while expanding your career and business opportunities. Completion of this certification qualifies you for Professional Development Units (PDUs) with PMAC.

Certificate include these four core programs:

  • Beyond the Technology – Towards a High-Performance Virtual Team
  • How to Optimize Your Virtual Team Meetings
  • Making Norms the Norm: How to Create a Team Operating Agreement (TOA)
  • Follow-up session: Making Norms the Norm

Three more optional programs are required (select one from each category below):

Take one from Leading in a Virtual world

  • Twice the Work Half the Time: Effective Virtual Delegation
  • Winning Strategies for the Virtual Leader
  • Leading a Webex Meeting-Advanced

Take one from Optimize Connection and Resilience

  • Better Communication and Collaboration using the DiSC Behavioral Profile
  • Boost Virtual Productivity, Engagement and Resilience for the New Normal
  • Ignite Virtual Collaboration and Innovation

Take one from Enhance Your Live On-line Learning Experience

  • Making Your Online Learning Stick
  • How to Jump Start Your Virtual Training Sessions
  • Deliver Live Online Material
  • Zoom Pro: Tips and Tricks

Coaching Program
Whether you are a new manager or a seasoned leader, leading virtually has a unique set of challenges that may require you to stretch (or flex) your current management approach and take the empowerment of your team to the next level.

Our coaching program provides new and seasoned leaders with personalized support. Hidden limiting beliefs and behaviours are revealed and challenged to positively impact their ability to lead effectively in a virtual work environment.

Coaching provides space for team leaders and managers to explore how to:

  • Stay connected with team members and provide adequate support.
  • Increase their ability to empower virtual team members to be productive.
  • Communicate with impact in a context where the attention span is lower.
  • Tap into new motivation drivers for themselves and their team members.
  • Find the right balance between driving productivity and allowing flexibility.

The leader will leave every session with an actionable, personalized plan, focused on overcoming obstacles to ensure rapid change and sustainable momentum. This program is designed around five 1-hour coaching sessions scheduled over a 5-week period.

With reduced attention spans, and increased distractions and demands on our time, microlearning’s popularity is soaring due to its short burst learning format and versatility. With each short chunk providing “to-the-point” content or activities, team leaders, managers, and employees can easily access and re-access knowledge as needed to enhance job performance. Virtual Team Builders will partner with you to create custom microcontent, to support your learning and development objectives. Whether as standalone units, or sequenced to address specific subjects or problems, it is worthwhile exploring how we can help your company benefit from microlearning.

Virtual Lunch-and-Learns
When your team isn’t together in the same location it can often feel isolating, and the need for shared community and connection is even more important. Our 1-hour engaging Lunch & Learn programs can help you a create a community of continuous learning and foster a sense of togetherness.

Instructional Design
More and more organizations are being tasked with converting face-to-face training content to Virtual Instructor Lead Training (VILT). We offer instructional design consulting services. Work with our in-house designers to assist you with your course development needs.

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