Advanced Skype for Business

To maximize Skype for Business as the flexible, scalable, collaboration driver that it is, users must be able to move efficiently among the tools. The purpose of this program is to build upon the skills and features learned in “Tips Tricks and Troubleshooting.” In this session, we will move from “here is where you can locate …” to “this is how you handle some real-world scenarios you’ll face.” We will move further into demonstrating the differences between sharing files vs. the applications. We’ll have participants alternate “running the screen”  to experience editing a colleague’s file for quick updates and productive meetings.

At the end of the session the participants will be able to:

Demonstrate how to:

  • Share Microsoft Office applications and browsers
  • Build and respond to Q&A panels
  • Load Q&A tab, multiple polls, surveys and whiteboards
  • Share media using preferred practices to play video and audio clips
  • Discuss how to leverage screen and application share options
  • Assess and troubleshoot connection problems

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