Advanced Strategies for the Seasoned Online Trainer

You are a stellar face-to-face instructor, you know how to manage challenging participants, you are terrific at managing your time and you have become a master juggler with all the hats a trainer has to wear. Now, you have been asked to train on-line and your job has become vastly more complex. In this session you will learn advanced strategies to manage the virtual classroom.

At the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Clarify how to use language to promote engagement
  • Describe how to manage silence in an online session
  • Discuss how to manage time in a session
  • Clarify how to deal with attendees who:
    • Multitask or are distracted
    • Are reluctant to use the technology
    • Takes over the class
    • Interrupts others
    • Monopolizes the conversation
  • Clarify how to juggle the multiple roles a facilitator has including:
    • Teaching and monitoring the chat feature
    • Managing multiple questions

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