Better Communication and Collaboration using the DiSC Behavioral Profile

Every interaction either strengthens a work relationship, or is a missed opportunity to do that.

The DiSC Behavioural Profile provides participants clarity as to their own communication and behavioural styles, and insights as to those of others. By learning to identify and consider the mindset and behavioural styles of others, they will build and improve relationships one interaction at a time.

In this session, participants will:

  • Identify the characteristics, strengths and challenges of each DiSC behavioural style
  • Develop strategies for identifying others’ styles with only virtual clues
  • Learn to determine what style of behaviour and communication are best suited to their audience and to a given context
  • Experience impactful team building activities for each of the behavioural styles

This is the highway to: more mindful communication, less misunderstandings, less friction, smoother conflict resolution, stronger relationships, and a higher performing team.

Bolster your employees’ abilities to build and improve their work relationships, and enhance productivity through making better suited decisions on how to communicate and behave with their virtual teams.

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