Better Communication and Collaboration using the DiSC Behavioral Profile

Virtual teams must learn how to communicate in a way that has impact, meaning, and will get the job done. This doesn’t mean texting, e-mailing, or instant messaging more often. What is does mean is learning to flex your communication style.

Learning to flex begins with an understanding of yourself and how we prefer to interact (temperament) with the environment and the people around us. The result is stronger relationships. In this session we will use the DiSC Behavioral Profile to provide you with a clear understanding of what motivates personal behavior and communication styles, those attending will leave with practical solutions for learning to interact more effectively with different behavioral styles.


At the end of the sessions the participants will be able to:

  •       Discuss the benefits to using the DiSC Behavioral Profile
  •       Identify the characteristics of each behavioral style
  •       Describe the strengths and challenges each style brings to the team
  •       Develop strategies for identifying others’ styles with only virtual clues
  •       Learn to adapt our behavior to meet the needs of others
  •       Experience 4 innovative team building activities that will resonate for each of the Behavioral styles


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