COVID-19 Proves It: Virtual Teams are the New Normal

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Time and time again, world events have shown us that we can’t always rely on working face-to-face. As The Wall Street Journal reports, virtual teams are the new normal. Working from home has officially evolved from a perk to a necessity.

Even after this first wave of social distancing passes, we are likely to see further spikes before the Coronavirus is fully under control. And as The Atlantic reports, the sudden need to work from home due to COVID-19 is causing managers and employees a huge amount of stress and testing their resilience.

Which means that knowing how to work remotely is essential for a resilient workforce that can weather storms like this, which are likely to become the new normal going forward.

Building Resilience in Virtual Teams

Rapidly transitioning to a virtual office is more complicated than simply giving staff a laptop and an Internet connection. In fact, technology is only 10% of the equation – the remaining 90% is human.
It’s a critical 10%, however, the foundational puzzle piece that enables us to collaborate and connect effectively. Many people mand ated to work from home are not comfortable working with their collaboration software. Without proper training, their stress levels will rise and their productivity will fall, impacting your entire team.

As for the remaining 90%, the question is how to engage with and sustain relationships with your team.

  • Social distancing can lead to feelings of isolation, which can increase our anxiety and reduce resilience
  • Without the ability to pop by each other’s desk or meet for coffee, everyone needs to mindfully and deliberately spend time building those relationship
  • Virtual team meetings are opportunities to reinforce trusted working relationships as much as they are to discuss work

Virtual teams can be enormously effective, productive and high performing. Due to COVID-19, most organizations are being mandated to work virtually without any time to plan.

This is understandable of course, but it can be ultimately detrimental to the success of your team. Training is an opportunity for managers and staff to take a step back and appreciate what it takes to operate successfully in the virtual environment, setting them up for success over the short and long term.

Working Virtually is Not Business as Usual

Simply put, you can’t app ly face-to-face strategies in the virtual world – it takes a new set of skills to be effective.

Tips you can put into practice today include:

  • Did you trust your team to do their work before? Then trust them now! Virtual employees typically work four hours per week longer than their co-located counterparts, and usually
    check their work email after hours
  • Pick up the phone and check in with your staff every day – not just about work, but how they are coping in general
  • Create opportunities to connect such as virtual team lunches or a virtual happy hour
  • Start team meetings with a quick, personal check-in – make sure your team has an opportunity to share how they are coping during this tough time
  • Hold virtual office hours where staff can drop into your conference line; this lets your team know that you are accessible to discuss anything needing your support

Take Your Virtual Team to the Next level

Social distancing and the need to work virtually are here to stay –particularly as more social distancing and office lockdowns are likely to occur before the Coronavirus pandemic is over. The best, most reliable way to ensure business continuity in these challenging times is to make sure your team has the skills to be successful now and in the future.

To help global businesses make the transition and optimize their operations, we offer the following services to provide immediate, effective support to your virtual team in this challenging time:

Public Courses

Two purpose-built live, online, interactive public courses that will teach your team to optimize virtual meetings and manage virtual workflow.

Virtual Team Management Certificate

The Certificate in Virtual Team Management from the Project Management Association of Canada is a highly interactive, experiential and practical program. The strategies you will learn
can be used immediately to help with the transition to remote work

We’re on YouTube!

Virtual teams and leads need access to great advice and best practices now more than ever, which is why we launched our YouTube channel with free tips and advice. Visit now and
subscribe to get the latest virtual teams’ content!

What do you think? Is the virtual office about to become the new normal? Let us know on social media using the hashtag #VTB!

Donate to GlobalGiving Coronavirus Relief Fund

Of course, supporting global businesses is only part of the solution to COVId-19. We recognize that there has been enormous community impact as well. With that in mind, over the next three months Virtual Team Builders will donate a portion of its proceeds to the GlobalGiving Coronavirus Relief Fund, which sends doctors and medical supplies to areas that need them most.

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Virtual Team Builders: Doing Our Part to Help Overcome COVID-19​

The Coronavirus outbreak has resulted in an explosion of virtual and remote teams, and thousands of managers who have not received any preparation in leading a virtual team without daily face-to-face contact.

Even in companies where remote or virtual teams are created deliberately and with adequate lead time, only 15% of managers rate themselves as very effective and just 53% as moderately effective. Already, the global economy has taken a hit as businesses all over the world temporarily shut down or seen massive drops in productivity as they struggle to transition to the virtual environment.

And the hits keep on coming, with the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec pledging that any non-essential businesses unable to make the transition to virtual work would shut down by midnight on March 24.

In this time of need, Virtual Team Builders is committed to helping the global business community adapt to working remotely as quickly as possible. Our goal is to help businesses maintain productivity and position them to keep the world economy strong, speeding our global recovery as we come to grips with COVID-19.

Virtual Team Training Solutions for COVID-19

Since the onset of the Coronavirus, Virtual Team Builders customers have asked for fast, easy access to the knowledge and strategies their managers and employees need not just to survive, but to thrive in the virtual environment.

With that in mind, we are offering Public courses that will help your team transition from face-to-face work to virtual working


Public Courses

Arm yourself with the expertise to overcome any virtual work hurdle with our live on-line interactive public courses:

  • Managing Teams with Virtual Employees
  • How to Optimize Virtual Team Meetings

These courses are offered in a mixed-group setting where you can engage and network with other virtual work professionals attending diverse organizations around the world.


Certificate in Virtual Team Management

Designed expressly for team managers and leads in the virtual environment, our Certificate program provides an opportunity to learn virtual best practices that can be implemented immediately. Modules include

  • Working in and Leading a Virtual Team
  • How to Optimize Virtual Team Meetings
  • Fostering Virtual Collaboration and Innovation
  • Better Communication and Collaboration Using the DiSC
  • How to Create a Team Operating Agreement

Learners who complete all modules will receive a Certificate in Virtual Team Management from the Project Management Association of Canada.


Humanitarian Support for COVID-19

Beyond business, we cannot forget the humanitarian impact of the Coronavirus in communities around the world.

With that in mind, Virtual Team Builders pledges to donate a portion of its proceeds over the next three months to the GlobalGiving Coronavirus Relief Fund, which sends doctors, nurses and medical supplies to communities in need.

Challenging times often bring out the best in people, and while we at Virtual Team Builders are proud to play a role in helping the global community overcome this pandemic, we recognize that we are just a small part of the solution.

What acts of kindness and support have inspired you since the Coronavirus struck? We want to know! Share on social media using the hashtag #KindnessOverCovid19.

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