Custom Designed Solutions

We use a three-step process to diagnose the core strengths and weaknesses of your virtual team. As a result, our solutions are specifically designed to your virtual team’s needs.

Step one: Virtual Team Assessment

We begin by assessing the key competencies that are required for effective virtual teams and provide solutions that modify and change behaviors that are no longer working for your team.

Following the Virtual Team and Leader Assessment, we will provide:

  • A ninety-minute debrief with a Virtual Team Builders consultant to review, explain the results, answer questions about the assessment and provide recommendations
  • In-depth Interviews with your team
  • A report to the team leader detailing the team’s aggregate scores including:
  • Average virtual engagement score:how engaged is the virtual team as a whole
  • Average score per section:what factors need to be prioritized to build virtual engagement
  • Average score per item:what specific problems need to be tackled

Step two: Implementation of Customized Virtual Team Solutions

Based on the results of the Assessment and the interviews,we will conduct customized online sessions that will address the challenges uncovered during the Virtual Team Assessment and interviews.

Group Mentoring: Employees will then have group debrief sessions where they will have the opportunity to discuss the challenges they experienced implementing the strategies they were tasked with during the session.

CoachingThe Coach assigned to the leader will provide 1:1 support focused on accelerating the leader’s learning, development and execution of the change effort and the new skill sets.

Step three: Reassessment

One month after completing the implementation of Customized Virtual Team Solutions we will reassess the effectiveness of the team and the leader in the areas of identified improvement and provide you with tools to support the continued growth of the team.

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