Leading in a Virtual World

Leaders are operating in an increasingly complex virtual environment. Some are managing multiple goals and priorities on many teams in different time zones. With increased demands to meet business objectives, it’s hard to find the right balance of trust and control with people you’ll never meet face-to-face.

Take your team beyond technology by learning the specific leadership skills outlined in the Leading in a Virtual World programs. Developing virtual leadership strategies, clarifying responsibilities, effective delegation and performance management are just a few of the topics covered. These are essential programs for new or existing leaders and managers of organizations, boards, teams, and communities.

    Twice the Work…Half the Time: Strategically Delegating from a Distance

    It’s common for virtual leaders to think “if I can’t see my employees, how do I know if they are doing the work”? Many lack the confidence to develop their team members by giving them the authority and autonomy needed to flourish in their virtual roles. This erodes trust and inevitably leads to burnout for leaders who try to do it all. This interactive program will give you real world practice in delegating from a distance.

    Participants will learn how to:

    • Overcome common limiting beliefs about virtual delegation.
    • Recognize common delegation pitfalls and how to avoid them.
    • Apply strategies to match the right person to the right task.
    • Assign the right amount of authority and autonomy.
    • Describe the 3-step Delegation for Success process.
    • Practice and apply the delegation process.

    Let go of control and feel confident that the right things are getting done in a timely manner. Effectively delegate with clearly articulated expectations. Empower your team and provide sufficient support to help them grow your business.

    Winning Strategies for the Virtual Leader
    Virtual team leadership is a relatively new experience where most or all members are working remotely. In fact, 65% of experienced leaders have preventable failures in their first attempts at virtual teamwork. That percentage is even higher for new managers. If poor leadership behaviours go unchecked, they become entrenched and grow over time. These are highly preventable failures that negatively impact the entire organization.

    In this session participants will learn to:

    • Define the responsibilities of the virtual leader.
    • Develop strategies to keep your fingers on the pulse of your virtual team.
    • Create techniques to strengthen your team’s connection.
    • Apply more strategic approaches to your communication.

    You will be better equipped, more resilient and confident in mitigating issues. Expose the silent threats that pose potential pitfalls. Build on effective virtual leadership strategies that will benefit you, your team, and the company.

    Performance Management – Virtually Speaking!
    How confident are you in managing your virtual teams’ performance at a distance? What about in preparing for and conducting performance reviews of your remote employees? While “what gets measured, gets managed” may be true, assessing overall performance at a distance is a challenge. Without being able to directly observe behaviours and processes, and without a clear set of guidelines for virtual performance, employees can be left feeling unappreciated and unmotivated.

    In this session, you will learn how to:

    • Discuss challenges to tracking performance from a distance and brainstorm solutions to overcome these challenges.
    • Build virtual accountability.
    • Describe how to effectively coach and provide feedback to improve your team members’ performance.
    • Build strategies to recognize and reward performance to improve moral and retention.

    Feel more confident about managing your virtual teams’ performance at a distance. Use this wealth of practical knowledge, skills, and tips to help you and your team deliver on business objectives and achieve higher goals.

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