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Know on the go (audio)

With over 25 MP3s to choose from, these audio downloads provide immediate solutions to common challenges such as: difficulties with logistics and technology; social management; virtual engagement; cultural and gender diversity; and relationships with their job or organization.

$5.99 each [BUY NOW]

report img - MarketplaceI-Robbie’s Guide to World Domination!
Welcome Robert Redman! Or as his virtual alias reads: i-Robbie! Robert has been a traditional office worker all his life. What does he do? He has zero virtual work experience and he’s never met anyone on his global team. See if Robert can lead his team to success in this full colour, laughter inducing graphic novel, filled with virtual tips and techniques!


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Tips to Better Manage Distributed Teams: Using the DiSC Behavioural Profile (eBook)

Whether you are face-to-face or using email, instant messaging, teleconferences, or web-conferences, this ebook delivers a step-by-step approach to identifying, and adapting to, the people on your team.

eBook: $12.95 [BUY NOW]

blindspots - MarketplaceBlind Spots: Solving Hidden Business Problems. (Book or eBook)
Why is it that some leaders are successful, while others struggle? In this guide in narrative form, Russell Baxter, a fictional character and outgoing CEO, shares his secrets of success with incoming CEO. Baxter demonstrates that great leaders need to be aware of their vulnerabilities or blind spots and take action to make necessary changes. Filled with practical advice, Blind Spots show the value on drawing on experts to develop valuable skills that can take your business to the next level.

Book: $16.95 eBook: $9.95 [BUY NOW]

axrossthehall - MarketplaceAcross the Hall, Around the World: Teambuilding Tips for Distributed Businesses (Book)
In this book, Claire Sookman and Susan Garms, experts on motivating vjrtual teams, bring you a number of team-building activities and exercises that you can put to immediate use.

Book: $24.95 eBook: $12.95 [BUY NOW]

theheys - MarketplaceWhat Are the Keys to Success in Project Management? (Book)
Project managers are keen to learn from the best. So we asked the top experts in the field a straightforward question: “What is your best piece of advice for success in project management?”

The result is this book—a collection of their best stories, lessons, and takeaways. 25 different industry leaders make compelling cases for why their “key” will help influence your project success:


  • The seven bullets of highly effective project managers
  • Why leadership must be taken, not given
  • The importance of becoming project “business-savvy”
  • Ways to generate meaningful client ownership
  • How great project managers make it fun


And 20 other differentiators that have helped these industry leaders stand out. If you’re interested in standing out as a leader and boosting your career, then this book is a fantastic opportunity to connect with trusted mentors, read their honest advice, and leverage these keys to success in your own practice.

Book: $29.95 eBook: $12.95 [BUY NOW]

followmyvoice - MarketplaceFollow My Voice (Book or eBook)
Learn the techniques of virtual team building with protagonist, Robert Redman (aka i-Robbie)! As he learns, you will also discover how to:

    • Build, communicate with, and manage your virtual teams
    • Guide personal interactions
    • Become a successful team leader

Book: $19.99 eBook: $9.99 [BUY NOW]


iRobbie Merchandise

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irobbie1 - MarketplaceWho’s i-Robbie? Well, Robert Redman of course, a traditional office worker who suddenly learns that he is now a virtual team leader. What does he do? He has zero virtual work experience and has a long way to go until his fully learns the ropes. On top of that he’s never met anyone on his team, in fact, they’re scattered all over the world! See if Robert can lead his team to success in Follow My Voice, filled with witty humour, lovable characters and helpful virtual tips and techniques!

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[BUY NOW] iPhone case: $47.95 US
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[BUY NOW] Travel mugs: $24.95 US

COMING SOON: Limited edition i-Robbie playing cards

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