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Take your virtual teams from 50 to 200!

Remember when you first learned to drive?

You got in your car, turned on the ignition and you were off!

It felt pretty confident, right?

That’s how many of us feel about using technology and online information to get going, virtually.

But how well would you do if I gave you the keys to a high performance racing car, and asked you to race without giving you the specialized know-how and skills to prepare, avoid costly errors and navigate obstacles?

It’s the same for teams working virtually or a in a blended home office environment. While tech basics and online articles can get them in gear, teams that have been skilled in virtual teamwork outpace and outperform.

Virtual Team Builders can power-up your team leaders and participants with lasting, best practice know-hows and skills training to become to become a high performing organization.

Contact us and take your teams from 50 to 200 kph!

Beyond the Technology – Towards a High Performance Virtual Team

The majority of your team is working from a distance. You’re transitioning tasks that were previously handled face-to-face, to a virtual environment; and, your team members are likely experiencing frustrations and stress that can lead to dysfunction, resistance, and failures in delivering on objectives.

And you might be thinking, if I have the right technology and our team knows how to use it then we will be successful.  Success in a virtual team is way  more than the technology. There are real differences in working at a distance. 

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How to Optimize Your Virtual Team Meetings
Virtual team meetings come with some challenges that can cause you problems that you may not spot right away.

Ineffective virtual team meetings can cause your organization thousands of dollars, decreases in engagement, productivity, job satisfaction and morale – and negatively impact your capacity to compete. Without the know-how to manage and optimize virtual team meetings, your organization is not making the most of its time and human resources.

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Boost Virtual Productivity, Engagement and Resilience for the Now Normal

Organizations around the world have suddenly found themselves having to deliver on business objectives with most (if not all) of their workforce working remotely due to COVID-19.

Managers and leaders must find different ways to bolster engagement, build connections, motivate their teams and strengthen resilience.

Training that addresses these challenges builds confidence, morale, and offers a skill set to help them mitigate dysfunction, work together productively and to achieve team and organizational goals.

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Winning Strategies for the New Virtual Leader

Today, most leaders are new to leading teams where most, if not all members are working at a distance.

And, stats show that even those who are great at leading on-site teams, underperform in a virtual environment. In fact, 2/3 of experienced leaders, and a higher percentage of less experienced leaders, have preventable failures in their attempts at virtual teamwork. 

    Without the advantage of having leaders trained in virtual team leadership, negative impacts become entrenched and grow over time.

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    Twice the Work Half the Time: Delegating Effectively from a Distance 

    Delegation isn’t just about moving stuff off your plate on to another’s. Delegation is about professionally developing others, giving them the needed authority, and trusting that they will get the work done, even though you can’t see them working. Delegating requires the leader to clearly articulate his or her expectations, empower the team, provide sufficient support, and let go of control. As a leader, you can’t do everything yourself. If you try, it will inevitably lead to burnout.

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    Making Norms the Norm: How to Create a Team Operating Agreement (TOA)

    High performing teams have clear ground rules that they themselves have created, and have agreed to abide by. The Team Operating Agreement, sets out what are expected, acceptable behaviours and what aren’t – and how the team members will hold each other accountable. This sets the stage for constructive discussions, debate and the way the team will interact and work with each other.

    Conflict is good when it leads to healthy debate and there are guidelines on how to handle it. Without them, unresolved conflicts and frustration can lead to disengagement. Worse still, dysfunction grows and can be a serious drain on energy, morale, and productivity.

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    Follow-up session

    Having put into practice the first four steps of the process to create their Team Operating Agreement(s), participants come together and discuss their successes, and also brainstorm solutions for challenges that may have come up.

    This session then presents the three remaining steps in the Team Operating Agreement (TOA) process. These focus on the ins and outs of: adopting, adapting, and evaluating the effectiveness of the agreement.

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    Ignite Virtual Collaboration and Innovation

    Sharing thoughts and generating innovative ideas are more challenging to do when all, or part of your team is working virtually. Physical cues that we pick up on when working in a shared physical space are less present, if at all.

    So, how can your team work together to ideate effectively online?
    Virtual collaboration.

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    Better Communication and Collaboration using the DiSC Behavioral Profile 

    How much smoother and productive would your virtual team meetings be, if each team member:

    • Was aware of their preferred communication and behaviour styles,
    • Was able to identify those of their fellow team members, AND
    • Had the skills to apply that knowledge

    In a virtual team environment, working at a distance has the added disadvantage of providing employees with less or no visual cues from facial expressions and body language to guide their interactions.

    Powerful lessons from the DiSC Behavioural Profile and applied to the virtual environment will help improve behaviours and communications for overall better collaboration and results.

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    Building and Sustaining Relationships at a Distance 

    The truth is, it’s more difficult for virtual team members to engage, connect, and work well with each other, than those who work side by side. And then, there is also the onboarding of new members that must also be mindfully managed.

    When new or existing members of a virtual team feel disconnected, team performance may suffer due to:

    • a lack of engagement,
    • a decrease in morale and communication,
    • an increase in misunderstandings, interpersonal conflicts and absenteeism, and

    which alone, or together can lead to ineffective team meetings and decreased productivity.

    Building and sustaining strong relationships bolsters performance, is key for a virtual team’s ongoing effectiveness, and helps mitigate these challenges.

    This session provides participants with know-how and experiences to do just that, in a virtual setting.

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    Performance Management – Virtually Speaking!

    How confident are you in managing your virtual teams’ performance at a distance?

    What about in preparing for, and conducting performance reviews of your remote employees?

    While “what gets measured, gets managed” may be true:

    • Assessing overall performance at a distance is a challenge without being able to directly observe behaviours and processes; and,
    • Managing performance without the benefit of in-person interactions means mitigating those challenges by leveraging strategies and solutions for working in a virtual environment.

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    Post Session Support

    “Doing the real thing” is hands-down the best way to retain what was taught in the training session.

    Our two-part, Post Session Support is designed to take that a step further!

    • Part one is a customized, post-training assignment to be completed on-the-job by each participant.
    • Part two is a one-hour, group webinar, held 30 days later.

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    Virtual Team Simulation 

    This powerful session is an interactive, online activity that mimics a virtual team environment. It provides participants an opportunity to practice their new teamwork know-how and abilities, before applying them in the real world.

    Participants must draw on their knowledge, techniques and skills, to successfully resolve issues and overcome obstacles. This reinforces learnings, and strengthens your team members’ competencies.

    Your employees come away from the experience better equipped to work in, and meet the challenges of, a virtual team.

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