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Recognize that there are unique challenges in every virtual team. Leaders are feeling the pressure of managing their teams in a more interconnected world, while individuals may struggle with productivity due to isolation and competing priorities. More and better virtual meeting platforms alone do not solve the real issues of operating a virtual team.

For more than 30 years we have continued to develop highly effective programs based on research and industry best practices. The precise combination of programs we recommend are tailored to the specific needs of you and your team. Get started by completing our FREE Virtual Team Performance Survey TODAY.

To help you understand what might be included in your customized solution, we have grouped our programs under the following titles. Each group of programs focuses on the unique roles and challenges in a remote team environment.

Leadership in a Virtual World
Lead more effectively and get better results from a distance.

Increase Engagement and Productivity
Build high performance virtual teams for inspiration and innovation.

Optimize Connection and Resilience
Bring your virtual team closer by building trust and mutual respect.

Enhance Your Online Learning Experience
Make learning stick with more inspired and engaging online courses.

Take Control of Technology
Enhance your team’s technology skills to strengthen their connection.

Boost Virtual Producer Skills
Reduce technology challenges with a dedicated Virtual Producer.

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