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Online, instructor-led training courses (Synchronous Training)

Our online interactive programs are designed to make you feel as though you are experiencing an in-person training session. Following the completion of your Needs Review, we then customize the Synchronous Training material to meet your company’s unique needs and objectives.

Managing Teams With Virtual Employees 2-hour online session

Virtual Team-building is skyrocketing!  As many as 50% of all employees may now be working virtually. Getting this right is important to your business. Despite the increasing trend in virtual working, the majority of virtual teams will suffer some form of performance failure.

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How to Optimize Virtual Team Meetings 2-hour online session 

Virtual meetings are the new normal, yet we hear the same challenges over and over again: late starts, later finishes, private agendas, loss of control by the meeting facilitator, and multitasking by disengaged attendees. These common problems cost your organization lost productivity, missed deadlines, and potentially thousands of dollars due to a poorly run virtual meeting.

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Making Norms the Norm: How to Create a Team Operating Agreement (TOA) 2-hour online session

In a virtual team setting it is critical to have guidelines for how your team is going to work together.  These guidelines are called a “Team Operating Agreement”.  A Team Operating Agreement defines the set of behavioural norms that the team commits and agrees to abide by.

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Fostering Virtual Collaboration and Innovation 2-hour online session 2-hour online session

Fostering innovative ideas and tapping into the collective intelligence can be difficult when you are working face-to-face, but the challenge is made more difficult when part or all of your team is working virtually. In this session, you will learn how to collaborate and innovate at a distance providing you with practical tools that you can apply immediately.

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Better Communication and Collaboration using the DiSC Behavioral Profile 2-hour online session

Virtual teams must learn how to communicate in a way that has impact, meaning, and will get the job done. This doesn’t mean texting, e-mailing, or instant messaging more often. What it does mean is learning to flex your communication style. 

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Building Relationships at a Distance 2-hour online session

Building strong relationships can be hard enough to do face-to-face, let alone in a virtual environment. When employees on a virtual team feel disconnected, the result is that project results may suffer due to interpersonal conflicts, miscommunication, and lack of engagement. In this session, you’ll experience innovative exercises to help foster a strong team connection that is designed specifically for virtual teams.

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Virtual Team Simulation 4-hour online session

In this simulation you will have an experiential opportunity to practice and apply virtual teamwork skills learned in previous modules.

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Follow My Voice: 
Consists of a 5-part Webinar series, Course-book and Workbook

The virtual work environment is vastly different from the traditional workplace. Proper training, strong management skills and best practices for virtual environments are all essential to building an effective and engaged team. “Follow My Voice” will teach you the relevant skills required to succeed as a virtual manager. This series is a popular complement to our customized training modules.

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