How to Optimize Virtual Team Meetings

Virtual meetings are the new normal, yet we hear the same challenges over and over again: late starts, later finishes, private agendas, loss of control by the meeting facilitator, and multitasking by disengaged attendees. These common problems cost your organization lost productivity, missed deadlines, and potentially thousands of dollars due to a poorly run virtual meeting. In order to be effective, these meetings must be well organized, efficient, and structured. This session details techniques that will optimize any virtual meeting.

At the end of the session participants will be able to:

•Identify ten techniques to improve your virtual meetings
•Discuss challenges to holding an effective virtual meeting and develop solutions to those challenges
•Create a workplace environment in which remote team members feel equally engaged as their face-to-face counterparts
•Describe techniques to build relationships from a distance
•Discuss how to support team members who feel disengaged and isolated
•Describe how to use  language to promote engagement

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