Optimize Connection and Resilience

Building strong face-to-face working relationships can be tough for some people, but in a virtual working environment it can be difficult for everyone. It’s not just the technology that gets in the way of making deep meaningful connections. Virtual teams need to build stronger, more resilient relationships.

With these advanced programs, virtual teams learn how to increase resilience, and deepen their connections and collaborate for more innovative problem solving. Click on each program title to learn more about what could be holding your team back from reaching their goals.

Building and Sustaining Relationships at a Distance

The truth is, it’s more difficult for virtual team members to engage, connect, and work well with each other over time than it is for those who work face-to-face. Onboarding new members also requires additional management to successfully integrate them into the team. When new or existing members of a virtual team feel disconnected, team performance can suffer from a lack of engagement and low morale. Poor working relationships breed misunderstandings, interpersonal conflicts, and absenteeism. It’s imperative to actively foster stronger virtual team connections so everyone can move past growing differences and get back to work.

In this session, participants will learn how to:

  • Strengthen bonds and bolster engagement with five virtual team activities.
  • Apply tools in any web conferencing application for more effective connection and collaboration.
  • Create one team activity to build and sustain strong virtual relationships.

Equipped with this new set of interpersonal tools, your virtual team members can immediately mitigate team challenges in order to sustain strong relationships that bolster performance and productivity, a valuable outcome for your teams and your organization.

Better Communication and Collaboration using the DiSC Behavioral Profile

Every interaction has the potential to strengthen or break down a work relationship. Sadly, the latter is most often the case when different behavioural styles come into play. Virtual team members have the added disadvantage of not being able to pick up on some visual cues that speak volumes in understanding someone’s intentions. Misinterpreting other people’s behavioural styles can lead to friction and lack of conflict resolution.

Just think how much more productive your virtual teams will be when each team member can:

  • Describe the strengths and challenges each style brings to the team.
  • Develop strategies for identifying others’ styles with only virtual cues.
  • Discuss how to adapt our behavior to meet the needs of others.
  • Experience impactful team building activities for each of the behavioural styles.

The DiSC Behavioural Profile provides participants clarity about their own behavioural styles, and insights about those of others. By applying this methodology, your team will build and improve relationships one interaction at a time. More mindful communication enhances productivity, builds stronger relationships and creates an optimal environment for
high performance teams.

Boost Virtual Productivity, Engagement and Resilience for the New Normal

More and more organizations are operating in a virtual environment, making it harder for some people to manage work/life priorities. Leaders are not only challenged to engage and motivate their teams, they need to enhance connections, build more empathy, and develop higher resilience. Consider this a course in early detection skills to help everyone identify and mitigate potential team dysfunctions.

In this course participants will learn how to:

  • Create and sustain long-lasting working relationships for peak productivity.
  • Identify and adapt to the needs of both introverts and extroverts.
  • Engage and bolster team dynamics to push performance to the next level.
  • Discover powerful skills to build and sustain personal resilience.
  • Adopt new methods to get back on track when falling behind on their goals.
  • Rethink and reframe how to work more effectively in a virtual environment.

Through facilitated online instruction, individual reflection, and group discussions, participants learn, internalize, and act on key learnings. This powerful combination of activities strengthens their capabilities and adjusts their mindset, giving them a new set of powerful skills that builds confidence, higher resilience, and more motivation to reach bigger goals. Give your virtual team this morale boost so they can reach limitless new heights for your organization.