Setting the Ground Work: Managing Teams With Virtual Employees

Virtual Team-building is skyrocketing! Six years ago, 45 million employees worked remotely at least once a week. The virtual workforce will soon hit over 100 million and it is growing. Perhaps more important than the numbers, is the strong impact effective virtual teams are having on their companies–saving costs, boosting productivity, enhancing job satisfaction and improving cash flows and financial bottom line. Successful ‘virtual teams’ are no longer just telecommuters with email and Blackberries.

Making and managing the transition from traditional models of organizational operations to a virtual environment requires a strong foundation of trust, communication and camaraderie. all capabilities this session will teach you. Participants in this workshop will learn how to communicate effectively within a virtual team setting and build a cohesive team that best facilitates communication and collaboration among virtual team members.

At the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Describe the two elements that make a virtual team successful
  • List ways to build trust and camaraderie in a virtual environment
  • Discuss how to build reliability and accountability in a virtual environment
  • Define your current processes and brainstorm ways to do it virtually

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    Virtual Team Builders is a training and consulting company that caters to corporations and teams who depend on effective virtual collaboration to succeed. Our training is targeted towards the unique challenges faced by teams operating in a virtual environment; challenges that are present whether members work 90 feet apart or 3000 miles apart.