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Virtual Team Builders Public Courses

Arm yourself with the expertise to overcome any virtual work hurdle – with Virtual Team Builder’s Public Course Programs in Mastering the Virtual Project Team Environment and Virtual Team Certification! Our live, online, interactive public courses are offered in a mixed-group setting where you can engage and network with other virtual work professional attending from various other organizations.

Whether you are an experienced virtual team leader/employee looking to refresh or upgrade your skills, a professional transitioning from the traditional work environment to the virtual, or new to the virtual environment altogether, Virtual Team Builders offers a comprehensive program to fit your needs.

At Virtual Team Builders, we believe limitless learning makes you limitless! With our Public Courses we will show you how you can boost your virtual skills to new levels of productivity and efficiency – and maintain your success!

Programs To Suit Your Time Demands

The benefits of choosing Virtual Team Builders are clear. But did you know our programs are also designed to suit your time demands? Choose from our intense “express” four-hour programs or our rigorous and comprehensive 20-hour program. There is a course for you!

  • Our intensive 20-hour Virtual Certification Program features nine comprehensive on-live live sessions that delve into the fundamentals of virtual team management and communication through to more advanced topics of optimizing team meetings and managing team expectations by creating norms of behaviour!
  • Our 8-hour Mastering the Virtual Project Team Environment Program is designed to specifically help project teams succeed in a virtual project team environment.

Why Choose Virtual Team Builders’ Public Courses?

Our online, instructor-led, interactive programs are designed to provide you the same quality of face-to-face engagement in-person training provides, but in an online environment that is accessible from your location and at a time convenient to you.  Our online trainers deliver timely and high-quality content tailored to your needs, while our producers ensure that the online delivery runs seamlessly!

Our peer-interactive sessions also allow you to network and exchange ideas with your fellow webinar members. This provides a fertile and engaging environment where attendees have the opportunity to discuss ideas and reinforce what they learn, while they learn.

Further, Virtual Team Builders is also unique from other training programs because:

  • Our online training programs are designed to be equally as engaging as face-to-face training sessions
  • We are a pioneer in the virtual team training field. That is all we do!
  • All of our trainers are fully certified to train online.
  • All of our real-time online classes use a Producer, which ensures a seamless integration between the trainer, the learner, and the technology!
  • We train in English and/or French!

Summary & Call to Action

Virtual Team Builder’s Public Course Programs is a sure way to see improvements! Our Virtual Team Certification Program and Mastering the Virtual Project Team Environment are designed to benefit and push virtual team professionals at all skill levels—whether you are an experienced virtual employee looking to advance your skills, are recently transitioning to virtual work, or are completely new to the field! Our programs not only offer you the flexibility of choosing between different program lengths, but also offer the convenience of being online, live, interactive and fully supported by a producer and a seasoned online trainer to ensure a smooth progress of the training session!

See your virtual skills soar in all aspects—from productivity and efficiency to creativity, collaboration, communication and motivation! Virtual Team Builders is committed to providing you the tools you need to get immediate and sustainable results… because virtual team building is all we do!

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    Virtual Team Builders is a training and consulting company that caters to corporations and teams who depend on effective virtual collaboration to succeed. Our training is targeted towards the unique challenges faced by teams operating in a virtual environment; challenges that are present whether members work 90 feet apart or 3000 miles apart.