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Technology is great … when it’s working. All it takes is one weak WIFI connection or a technological glitch to increase frustration and decrease the entire team’s effectiveness. Not only is it critical for everyone to maintain high connectivity, but they need to know how to use available tools to optimize the process. Support your team with specific platform skills to strengthen their connection.

Microsoft TEAMS
The key to any successful project, large or small, is effectively working as a team. Microsoft TEAMS enables you to manage your team with online meetings, calls, and web conferencing. Their secure platforms allow you to share important information in a private environment while having live discussions and group chats. All the Microsoft Office applications integrate seamlessly into the TEAMS platform. Microsoft TEAMS provides you with all the tools you need to solve problems, meet objectives, and achieve your goals.

During this live on-line session participants will learn how to:
• Set up, manage settings, and customize TEAMS to meet their needs.
• Schedule meetings and invite attendees.
• Create roles, add new users, and organize teams.
• Conduct effective and efficient video meetings.
• Add and share files with their teams.
• Incorporate apps, bots, and connectors to add extra functionality.
• Operate TEAMS using a mobile device.

Leading a Webex Meeting – Advanced
Technology allows us to connect with our virtual team but all too often the technology we have available to us is not used to its full capacity. In this session, we will devote time to exploring the advanced features of Webex. We will demonstrate how to encourage interactivity and collaboration while learning how to facilitate an interactive and productive virtual meeting or training event.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Access and use the advanced features of Webex.
  • Demonstrate best practices to facilitate an engaging virtual meeting.
  • Develop strategies to manage challenges in your virtual meetings.
  • Create a personal action plan for continually expanding your capabilities.

ZOOM Tips and Tricks and Troubleshooting
The latest and most widely used platform has experienced massive growth recently. ZOOM offers many of the same features as more established platforms and is a user-friendly space for your team to connect.

Participants of this program will:

  • Discuss ground rules to ensure an effective meeting/webinar
  • Practice using advanced features in Zoom such as sharing audio and video paired chat and breakout rooms
  • Learn how to capture screenshots, save the chat conversation, and record a session.
  • Identify specific roles in a ZOOM meeting.
  • Devise a personal action plan to support on-going application of the learning.

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