Three Techniques to be a Stress-free Virtual Worker!

Is stress getting you down? Sometimes, work related work pressures can become so overwhelming, that all you want to do is crawl into deep dark hole, initiate foetal position, and just forget that the world exists. But this won’t solve any of our problems. So, instead of wishing for stress free days, actually feel stress-free! Here are three tips to help you to unwind for the long weekend.

1)      Learn to Relax!  Use the long weekend to focus on yourself. While it is important to keep work related matters in mind, remember that it should not completely control your life. Not leaving time to relax is mentally tolling; this means not only will you have exhausted yourself physically, but your work quality will also suffer. If you are too tired to work, chances are you won’t—at least not as well as you would if you were energized and rejuvenated. Many often believe that continuously working past one’s physical limit is the only way to stay on track and produce proper results. This is a myth. If your brain is tired, you will not be half as productive as you think you will be. A tired brain means sloppy work!

2)      Keep your Work-Life Balance in check – As a virtual worker, it is quite easy to blur the distinction between work-time and home-time, because work-time is…well…at home. Not being able to keep the two apart may make you feel as though you are working all the time. Be careful, as this is dangerous. Without maintaining the balance, you may start to resent your work and feel as though you have no time to yourself. A simple solution to this is that as soon as the clock hits 5 pm, literally check out of your office. Turn off your machine(s), get out of the house, go to the gym—just do something else! Working overtime may be helpful for catching up with certain tasks, but just make sure you do not overdo this. Also, if you manage your time well, you shouldn’t even have to work past five (but that’s a discussion for another time!)

3)      Don’t multi-task! Surprising, right? Despite the various talks about the benefits of doing many things at once, there is scientific evidence that this type of working style is not helpful. An article in the Washington Post explains how doing too many things at once can “scatter” your attention. It also stops us from thinking creatively because we may be focusing on more tasks than our brains can handle. This can stop us from “original thought—or to make wise decisions”, says Teresa Aubele and Susan Reynolds, the writers of Psychology Today, who were featured in the article.

So what does this all mean? This long weekend, take a step back to breathe. Your work will still be there once you go back the next week, so try to use the time you have for yourself! You will find that relaxing will actually help you be more productive in the long run (as long as you don’t overdo it!).

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