Virtual Team Assessments

According to the Gartner Group, 50% of virtual teams fail due to lack of understanding of how to work virtually, and more recent reports suggest the rate could be as high as 70%. If you feel your virtual team isn’t performing as well as it could, a Virtual Team Builders assessment is a great place to start.

Virtual Team Builders offers a variety of assessment tools to support your overall corporate and virtual team objectives. Whether you require a needs review or a comprehensive assessment of your virtual team as a whole, rest assured that our goal is to ensure your virtual team’s success.

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Virtual Team Effectiveness Assessment

Our Virtual Team Effectiveness Assessment follows a comprehensive process that examines all aspects of your virtual team’s infrastructure. We combine a one-on-one team leader consultation, with a spectrum of detailed scoring metrics, to diagnose your virtual team’s strengths and challenges.

Following your Virtual Team Effectiveness Assessment, we will provide a report diagnosing the overall health of your virtual team that includes:

  • Confidential Individual results, identifying each team member’s top three challenges and strengths
  • Overall Team results for each question and section, as well as aggregate data of all results
  • Virtual Interviews with employees who completed the assessment
  • A 90-minute Leader consultation with Virtual Team Builders to review and explain:
    • Team leader’s assessment results
    • Team’s assessment results
    • Detailed report of findings including a recommendations report and training roadmap


Team Training

Based on the results of the Virtual Team Effectiveness Assessment, the interviews and our consultation we will conduct a customized monthly online session that will address the challenges uncovered during the Virtual Team Effectiveness Assessment and interviews.

Virtual Team Needs Review

Before any training programs or course content is developed, we conduct a thorough Needs Review. Through a process of interviews and completion of our questionnaire, we identify the top three challenges your team currently faces and how these challenges are impacting them. The results enable us to customize a program that best supports your overall corporate and virtual team objectives.


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