Certificate in Virtual Team Management

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  • Five 2-hour live lessons 
  • One 1.5 -hour session
  • Total duration 11.5 hours
  • Virtual Team Builders program leads to a Certificate in Virtual Leadership designated by the Project Management Association of Canada
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$1800.00 CDN

Program Description

These workshops are highly interactive, experiential and practical. Based on adult learning principles, they consist of a wide variety of learning methodologies to create a dynamic learning environment. Small group activities provide participants with many opportunities to discuss their ideas and application plans, as well as successes and challenges between sessions.

Working in and Leading a Virtual Team- 2 hours


Virtual teambuilding is skyrocketing! As many as 50% of all employees may now be working virtually. Getting this right is important to your business. Despite the increasing trend in virtual working, the majority of virtual teams will suffer some form of performance failure. According to the Gartner Group – 50% of virtual teams fail due to a lack of understanding of how to work virtually. Virtual working can positively impact organizational performance – saving costs, boosting productivity, enhancing job satisfaction and improving cash flow and the ‘bottom line’.

How to Optimize Virtual Team Meetings- 2 hours


Virtual meetings are the new normal, yet we hear the same challenges over and over again: late starts, later finishes, private agendas, loss of control by the meeting facilitator, and multitasking by disengaged attendees. These common problems cost your organization lost productivity, missed deadlines, and potentially thousands of dollars due to a poorly run virtual meeting. In order to be effective, these meetings must be well organized, efficient, and structured. This session details techniques that will optimize any virtual meeting.

Touring Your Web Conferencing Application - 2 hours


Technology allows us to connect with our virtual team but all too often the technology we have available to us is not used to its full capacity. In this session, we will devote time to exploring the features of your web conferencing application , we will demonstrate how to encourage interactivity and collaboration and learn how to facilitate an interactive and productive virtual meeting.

Better Communication and Collaboration Using the DiSC-2 hours


Virtual teams must learn how to communicate in a way that has impact, meaning, and will get the job done. This doesn’t mean texting, e-mailing, or instant messaging more often. What is does mean is learning to flex your communication style. Learning to flex begins with an understanding of yourself and how we prefer to interact (temperament) with the environment and the people around us. The result is stronger relationships.

How to Create a Team Operating Agreement- 2 hours


In a virtual team setting it is critical to have guidelines for how your team is going to work together. These guidelines are called a “Team Operating Agreement.” A Team Operating Agreement defines the set of behavioural norms that the team commits and agrees to abide by. It guides the team’s actions and interactions. Geographic, ethnic, personality and cultural differences can impact the effectiveness of how individuals and teams act, interact and operate.

Team Operating Agreement Follow-up-1.5 hours


One month after the creation of the Team Operation Agreement, we will conduct a follow-up webinar to discuss the successes and brainstorm solution for the challenges you experienced implementing the Team Operating. We will also review the final three steps of the Team Operating Agreement process.

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