Virtual Producer Development Program

The Role of the Producer 1-hour 

Develop technical and communication skills to ensure a seamless online event for the participants and the facilitator.

  • Learn how to support the trainer and participants before, during and after the session
  • Coach Producers to masterly communicate with learners and facilitators
  • Create norms of behavior between the Producer and the Facilitator

Troubleshooting Technology Problems1 hour 

No two meetings are alike. The Producer plays a key role in supporting the session.  Whether it is a virtual workshop complete with breakout rooms, or a webinar delivered to 200 and streamed to 300 people, you will be prepared to manage any technical issue that might arise. 

  • Manage technical problems
  • Discuss what should be included in a back-up plan
  • Create an environment where technology challenges do not impact the learner experience

Produce Back Session (2 hours which includes a feedback sessions)

In addition to understanding the benefits and nuances of various delivery methods, a producer must be prepared to support trainers and participants across a variety of platforms. In this session, we will explore the major providers in the marketplace and contrast key differences among them to provide the most effective production support, regardless of the technology selected by the client or trainer.

  • Practice real-time Producing for an online session which will be recorded
  • Review and assess the recording and conduct an evaluation
  • Receive feedback and coaching

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