Virtual Team Success Survey

Are you using live, face-to-face team solutions for your virtual team challenges?

You might as well try putting a square peg into a round hole.



Managing a virtual team is not the same as dealing with colleagues on a face-to-face basis. Lack of visual cues,  communicating at a distance and ensuring members are truly engaged are some of the challenges expressed by managers of virtual teams. Proving that virtual teams can be equally, if not more productive then a face-to-face team is also a common hurdle.

Our 1-minuteVirtual Team Success Survey was designed to help you identify some of the areas in which you and your team may be struggling.  Once complete, we will tabulate your responses and provide recommendations to help you and your virtual team thrive.

So what are you waiting for? Take the survey now and turn those square pegs into round ones!

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    Virtual Team Builders is a training and consulting company that caters to corporations and teams who depend on effective virtual collaboration to succeed. Our training is targeted towards the unique challenges faced by teams operating in a virtual environment; challenges that are present whether members work 90 feet apart or 3000 miles apart.