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Virtual training presents very different challenges than traditional classrooms, and even the most seasoned in-person trainer can struggle to adapt to the online environment. When the proper strategies are in place however, virtual training can be just as effective and less costly than the in-person model.

We offer the following Virtual Training Solutions to help your organization transition to a virtual training model:

Curriculum Development

Your training materials are excellent, but they’re developed for the physical classroom, not the virtual environment. Virtual Team Builder’s team of experienced course designers will convert your curriculum, taking advantage of the technology at your disposal to create an engaging environment that sets attendees up for success.


Now that your curriculum has been converted it’s time to think about training your trainers.

Virtual training goes beyond curriculum development. It’s ensuring your trainers know how to build a rapport with students, monitor engagement, and drive sustained learning outcomes in the virtual environment, With our train-the-trainer program, your trainers will develop the skills and strategies necessary to deliver an interactive, best-in-class virtual training program for your company.

Virtual Producers

Behind every great virtual trainer is a great virtual producer. A producer is the go-to individual who supports the trainer, the attendees and the technology, working to ensure sessions run smoothly and troubleshooting technical issues before they impact the learning experience.
Producers are equipped to fulfill this role for a variety of leading platforms, providing your company with the flexibility to either continue with the technology it already has, or select whichever third-party vendor meets it needs.

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