Webinar Production Specialist Bootcamp

Webinar Production Specialist Bootcamp
Immerse yourself in the virtual training world as The Webinar Production Specialist. They are the go-to individual who takes care of everything behind the training scenes to ensure a seamless experience for the learners and the facilitator.

At the end of the program the participants will be able to:
• Demonstrate their knowledge of how to use commonly used features for Web Ex, Zoom. Adobe Connect and Skype for Business
• Define and demonstrate the roles and responsibilities of a Production Specialist plays before, during and after the session
• Identify techniques to communicate with learners and facilitators in the virtual classroom
• Describe challenges the trainer may experience and discuss strategies to manage them
• Identify 5 techniques to ensure that the participant experience is a positive one
• Identify sound and microphone troubleshooting steps for the presentation team and participants

Is this the Right Program for you?
The Webinar Production Specialist Bootcamp is ideal for individuals seeking to improve their technical skills and versatility, supporting virtual meetings and or learning events. Webinar Specialists know online training platforms inside and out, working to ensure sessions run smoothly and troubleshooting technical issues before they impact the learning experience.

Our clients say it best!

“I was not expecting to be fully engaged on the call – I was only expecting to be an observer. Through the facilitators skill in generating interaction I become fully engaged. It was the best on-line session that I have ever experienced.”

Dr. Vafa Ram
Head of Training Solutions Development for

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