David Smith

David Smith

Founder & Virtual Guru, based in the UK

David is a globally recognised virtual working expert, author, keynote speaker, and facilitator with a passion and expertise around developing people for the hybrid workplace.

Supporting organisations to develop strategy, select technologies and develop talent to successfully connect, communicate and collaborate in the future of work.

Key areas of expertise

Digital transformation

Supporting leaders and their organisations to succeed in todays ever changing workplace, from developing digital strategy, technology selection for more effective ways of working, supporting L&D professionals to design and deliver virtual and digital learning solutions, and upskilling talent to work more effectively in the digital age

Virtual Fluency

Globally recognised expert in developing talent and organisations to drive higher virtual performance using digital and virtual technologies to connect, communicate and collaborate.

Virtual teams, virtual leadership and remote working

Facilitated hundreds of in person and virtual classroom initiatives focusing on developing employees at all levels in virtual team working, virtual leadership and remote working practices and technologies.

Facilitation expertise

Highly effective in person and virtual facilitator with extensive experience in facilitating audiences of all levels and size. Recent conference chair for ATD European and Middle East events.

Learning design and delivery

Highly experienced in designing and delivering both in person and virtual classroom training initiatives across many content areas for global clients.

Conference Speaker

Regular global conference speaker on the need to develop our people to leverage virtual performance using digital and virtual technologies. Presented at global training conferences in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia since 2010

Author & thought leadership

Author of various e-books, articles and white papers on the competencies needed to transition from the physical to virtual classroom learning. Globally recognised thought leader on developing talent to meet, present, sell and train virtually.