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How Virtual Work Humanizes the Workplace

We’re Becoming More Empathetic There is a certain security in sitting behind a screen and that feeling of safety allows us to be more open and honest with what we’re dealing with. Employees can let their guard down and break emotional barriers that typically exist in a workplace. Or even more specifically,...

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The Future of Virtual Work

But what will virtual work really look like? If you’re struggling to envision it, you’re not alone. Today, business travel has nearly ground to a halt. Face-to-face meetings are taking place over Zoom. Slack is the new water cooler. Much like the aftermath of 9/11, virtual work as we know it right...

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Three Characteristics of Resilience in Virtual Teams

Further, this distance can also make it easier for virtual team leads to miss crucial signs that their team lacks resilience. By the time it becomes obvious, the damage to team productivity and morale may be severe. With the right strategies in place, however, virtual teams can work together effectively...

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The Fake Commute: How It Can Support Employees Who Are New to Virtual Work

As a result of COVID-19, many workers find themselves working from home not by choice but by necessity. For them, the transition may have seemed abrupt and overwhelming, leaving them to crave the routine instilled by office life. Commuting plays an integral aspect of that routine as it creates a clear...

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Covid-19 Articles

Is your virtual team thriving? The chances are remote

And because I started a virtual team-building business more than 30 years ago (we were cool waaay before virtual teams became cool!), I’m often asked for my opinion on the best timing and process to transition virtual teams “back to normal.” My advice? Don’t. If you’re smart, your virtual...

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COVID-19 Proves it: Virtual Teams are the New Normal

Even after this first wave of social distancing passes, we are likely to see further spikes before the Coronavirus is fully under control. And as The Atlantic reports, the sudden need to work from home due to COVID-19 is causing managers and employees a huge amount of stress and testing their resilience....

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5 ways to build a virtual team

This is particularly trying for managers because they tend to be hard on themselves. Only 15% of managers feel they’re very effective, while 53% say they’re only moderately so. That’s during normal times, and now they’re trying to lead a remote team with no training on best practices. Many are...

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Featured e-book etc.

Let’s face it: the way we live, play, and work changes every day. As new technologies emerge, we constantly find more efficient and innovative ways of approaching our daily duties. Geographically dispersed teams, aided by virtual technologies, can now work together more easily and quickly than ever, and far more inexpensively. Unfortunately, figuring out where to start with virtual teams can be daunting — but given the right tools, training, and support, all virtual teams can work cohesively as a motivated, focused, and engaged community of individuals.

In this book you’ll be led by Claire Sookman, president of Virtual Team Builders, as she shares her years of research and experience to provide you with the guidance needed to lead your virtual team effectively and efficiently. This book outlines strategies for managing virtual teams, broken down into
8 sections:

Virtual Resilience
• Virtual Leadership
• Virtual Meetings
• Effective Communication Without Non-Verbal Cues
• Multitasking
• Local Audience Focus
• Technology failure
• Virtual Online Training

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