96% of Employees Have Spoken: Remote Work is Here to Stay

COVID-19 vaccinations are making their way across the world and it finally feels like change is on its way.  However, not everything is going to go back to exactly how it was pre-COVID. The way we work, for example, is one thing that’s undergone a permanent (and positive) change.

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The 11-hour workday: Productivity booster or destroyer?

Virtual does not equal vacation. Remote workers are working harder than ever. A recent NordVPN Teams study paints this picture. A selection of countries from North America and Europe shared their average hours worked per day, pre-pandemic and then in March/April...

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A New Icebreaker - Wellness tools that are delivered with pinpoint accuracy

Creating a safe environment should have always been a goal of the HR professional in “normal” work settings. It is especially true now as teams continue to stay home well into 2021 (and beyond?). It's time for a new icebreaker.

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Increasing Millennial Engagement in Virtual Teams

With Millennials, who are now in their mid 20s to late 30s, compromising such a significant proportion of the workforce, articles have been around for years predicting that it would spark an increase in workplace flexibility with the adoption of remote work. That’s...

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Covid-19 Articles

Is your virtual team thriving? The chances are remote

With the recent news about re-opening a small selection of industries in the coming weeks and months, I hear a lot of people talking about how great it will be for work teams to be back in the office, up-close and personal, and talking face to face.

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COVID-19 Proves it: Virtual Teams are the New Normal

Time and time again, world events have shown us that we can’t always rely on working face-to-face. As The Wall Street Journal reports, virtual teams are the new normal. Working from home has officially evolved from a perk to a necessity.

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5 ways to build a virtual team

With the widespread advances of COVID-19, companies and organizations around the world have been thrust into working remotely. Team leaders understand this is necessary for the well-being of their employees, as well as to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus....

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Resources - Featured e-book

Let’s face it: the way we live, play, and work changes every day. As new technologies emerge, we constantly find more efficient and innovative ways of approaching our daily duties. Geographically dispersed teams, aided by virtual technologies, can now work together more easily and quickly than ever, and far more inexpensively. Unfortunately, figuring out where to start with virtual teams can be daunting — but given the right tools, training, and resources, all virtual teams can work cohesively as a motivated, focused, and engaged community of individuals.

In this book you’ll be led by Claire Sookman, president of Virtual Team Builders, as she shares her years of research and experience to provide you with the resources needed to lead your virtual team effectively and efficiently. This book outlines strategies for managing virtual teams, broken down into
8 sections:

  • Virtual Resilience
  • Virtual Leadership
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Effective Communication Without Non-Verbal Cues
  • Multitasking
  • Local Audience Focus
  • Technology failure
  • Virtual Online Training
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Resources - Virtual Team Leaders Guide - Second Edition