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Don’t let proximity bias derail your hybrid workplace

The hybrid workplace introduces a number of new challenges for managers. Identifying and understanding unconscious biases in the workplace is one of them. Unconscious biases are beliefs about individuals or a group that would be considered to be unfair, such as...

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Alleviate employee burnout in the hybrid workplace

Research shows that employee burnout is on the rise after such a lengthy period of working from home. People have been trying to balance personal lives and professional responsibilities for many months now while dealing with the challenges of the pandemic, and...

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Leadership skills to thrive in the hybrid workplace?

In speaking with senior leaders, we identified six key challenges leaders are facing in leading a hybrid team. Our eBook highlights leadership strategies to address all six of these key challenges. Here is one of the valuable leadership skills that will benefit you and your team.

SKILL: Becoming a More Empathetic Leader

The Challenge
With the transition to hybrid, employees are dealing with change. Everyone deals with change differently. Employees may experience anxiety and resistance and worry about how it will impact their lives. Empathy is the one skill that is going to impact the relationship with your employees the most.

A lack of empathy in the workplace has caused many employees to leave their jobs. According to an EY study, 58% of employees have previously left a job because they didn’t feel valued by their boss, and 48% have left because they didn’t feel like they belonged.

Takeaways you will get
A leader who demonstrates empathy can drive significant results. Empathy can result in greater innovation by employees, increased engagement, a more engaged and happier team and greater satisfaction with your work-life balance.

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Resources - Featured e-book

Hybrid working isn’t new. What’s new is the need to create a scalable hybrid model that treats both your virtual and on-site employees with inclusion and fairness. A key consideration is that the true hybrid model is much more challenging to manage than having an entire team working remotely. Until now, few companies have operated with a true hybrid model that treats all of their employees equitably regardless of their workplace.

That’s why at Virtual Team Builders, we’ve compiled this playbook of top strategies to help leaders of hybrid teams make their hybrid workplace as successful as possible. In this book, Claire Sookman, President of Virtual Team Builders, shares her years of research and experience to help you lead your hybrid team effectively and efficiently. We know you’ll gain valuable knowledge from these strategies for managing hybrid teams and be inspired to guide your team towards its full potential.

This book outlines strategies for managing virtual teams, broken down into
9 sections:

  • Emotional Resilience
  • Hybrid Leadership
  • Meeting Fatigue
  • Communication Without Non-Verbal Cues
  • Multitasking
  • Local Audience Focus
  • Proximity Bias
  • Virtual Training for Hybrid Teams
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Hybrid Leader's Guide to Success

Overcome the Challenges of Managing Hybrid Teams.

Hybrid working isn’t new. What’s new is the need to create a scalable hybrid model that treats both your virtual and on-site employees with inclusion and fairness. Discover how to address both the challenges and opportunities to create the best hybrid workplace for your entire team.

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