Don’t let proximity bias derail your hybrid workplace

The hybrid workplace introduces a number of new challenges for managers. Identifying and understanding unconscious biases in the workplace is one of them. Unconscious biases are beliefs about individuals or a group that would be considered to be unfair, such as...

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Alleviate employee burnout in the hybrid workplace

Research shows that employee burnout is on the rise after such a lengthy period of working from home. People have been trying to balance personal lives and professional responsibilities for many months now while dealing with the challenges of the pandemic, and...

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Three ways to maintain productivity in the hybrid workplace

Gradually, more and more remote workers are heading back into the office. Over three in five Canadians say that they want to return to their physical workplace or office, according to a recent KPMG survey. But there are still many people who prefer to work from...

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Covid-19 Articles

Is your virtual team thriving? The chances are remote

With the recent news about re-opening a small selection of industries in the coming weeks and months, I hear a lot of people talking about how great it will be for work teams to be back in the office, up-close and personal, and talking face to face.

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COVID-19 Proves it: Virtual Teams are the New Normal

Time and time again, world events have shown us that we can’t always rely on working face-to-face. As The Wall Street Journal reports, virtual teams are the new normal. Working from home has officially evolved from a perk to a necessity.

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5 ways to build a virtual team

With the widespread advances of COVID-19, companies and organizations around the world have been thrust into working remotely. Team leaders understand this is necessary for the well-being of their employees, as well as to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus....

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Resources - Featured e-book

Hybrid working isn’t new. What’s new is the need to create a scalable hybrid model that treats both your virtual and on-site employees with inclusion and fairness. A key consideration is that the true hybrid model is much more challenging to manage than having an entire team working remotely. Until now, few companies have operated with a true hybrid model that treats all of their employees equitably regardless of their workplace.

That’s why at Virtual Team Builders, we’ve compiled this playbook of top strategies to help leaders of hybrid teams make their hybrid workplace as successful as possible. In this book, Claire Sookman, President of Virtual Team Builders, shares her years of research and experience to help you lead your hybrid team effectively and efficiently. We know you’ll gain valuable knowledge from these strategies for managing hybrid teams and be inspired to guide your team towards its full potential.

This book outlines strategies for managing virtual teams, broken down into
9 sections:

  • Emotional Resilience
  • Hybrid Leadership
  • Meeting Fatigue
  • Communication Without Non-Verbal Cues
  • Multitasking
  • Local Audience Focus
  • Proximity Bias
  • Virtual Training for Hybrid Teams
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Hybrid Leader's Guide to Success

Overcome the Challenges of Managing Hybrid Teams.

Hybrid working isn’t new. What’s new is the need to create a scalable hybrid model that treats both your virtual and on-site employees with inclusion and fairness. Discover how to address both the challenges and opportunities to create the best hybrid workplace for your entire team.

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