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Our trainers, course designers, and producers are all highly experienced and certified to conduct training in hybrid environments. They not only have thorough knowledge of the course content, but also offer practical, real-world subject matter experience that learners can put into professional practice immediately. Our trainers drive long-term and sustainable learning outcomes that support your hybrid team in achieving organizational goals. Click on a team member to learn more about us and our team.

About Us - Virtual Team Builders

Great hybrid teams are built on human connection.

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We understand that the best work gets done when your workforce is motivated, engaged, and interconnected.

Building high-performance hybrid teams has not always been founder Claire Sookman’s sole focus. For many years, she ran face-to-face sessions for organizations until 30 years ago, when one session changed her life forever.

About Us – Claire’s Story

Hello and welcome! My name is Claire Sookman, and I will be your facilitator for this session. The goal of our session today will be learning how to build effective virtual and co-located teams.

A hand shoots up in the middle of the training room “Yes? A question?” I ask and point to the raised hand. The student then asks the question that would change my life forever.

“Why are we talking about virtual teams when my team is not here?”

The bluntness of the question struck a match in my mind and ignited an idea: a team building course for virtual teams, done virtually. By the end of the class I couldn’t remember who had interrupted me, but the idea stuck, and Virtual Team Builders was born.

What was my greatest challenge? Educating companies on what exactly a virtual team is. Companies didn’t know they needed virtual team training because they didn’t know they had virtual teams.

A lot has changed in 30 years. I now find myself educating companies on how to create and manage hybrid teams. We focus more on what leaders need to do to thrive and excel, and how to foster the engagement and connectivity for a hybrid team that drives long-term success.

And as the business world embraces hybrid work more and more, I’m excited to share my knowledge and experience with you.

Overcome the Challenges of Managing Hybrid Teams.

Hybrid working isn’t new. What’s new is the need to create a scalable hybrid model that treats both your virtual and on-site employees with inclusion and fairness. Discover how to address both the challenges and opportunities to create the best hybrid workplace for your entire team.

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