Dominic Carubba

Dominic Carubba

Dominic Carubba is a Speaker, Trainer, Entertainer, Coach and published Author of the world’s shortest book on Success that has been a professional Trainer, Leader, and Coach for over 20 years and has worked in all types of organizations, from Fortune 13 companies to one-on-one executive coaching.

He started his work in organizational development when he joined the Marines and has never forgotten what it means to work on a team and to serve a higher purpose. Dominic knows what makes people “tick” – and laugh – to motivate and engage.

He works with leaders at all levels to create a “Culture of Productivity in a World of Distraction” so that people move to the next level, personally and professionally and turn their vision into results.

He specializes in training managers to be more Human because over 80% of workers quit their boss, not their job. Bosses are not bad people; just poor communicators.  Dominic helps them coach and communicate effectively so that they are less stressed and their team is more productive.

Dominic has trained over a thousand managers to coach and communicate effectively to their field sales teams with several consumer packaged goods companies in the U.S. and Canada. Each of those managers spent 5 days in a focused workshop to create coaching cultures in their respective companies.

A Certified Performance Technologist, graduate of the University of Georgia’s blended Masters Program on Instructional Psychology and Training Technology, and Social Styles ™ facilitator, Dominic has a depth and breadth of both knowledge and experience to have deep, meaningful, and transformative interactions with leaders at all levels of an organization.

You may find Dominic hiking up Stone Mountain in the morning or riding his motorcycle through the mountains of North Georgia on the weekends if he’s not on the phone with a leader working through a challenge.