Yaelle Garnier

Yaelle Garnier

Yaelle is an experienced virtual producer and facilitator. She first started as a WebEx producer for Cisco Systems, working there for 10 years. After, she decided to expand her knowledge in virtual platforms and learned other virtual tools such as Adobe Connect, MS Teams, Zoom, Go To Meetings, she has been working with these platforms for the past 5 years.

She is now producing events, meetings, and training sessions for organizations all over the world. She has produced many kinds of virtual events such as Christmas parties, company kick offs, training sessions, and company meetings.

She is also working closely with Cisco systems partners. Her patience and dedication always ensure a smooth experience on virtual platforms.

Yaelle provides top-notch customer service and technical support for both presenters and participants. Yaelle can identify and clearly define problems/challenges within the platform and recommend changes to continually improve customer satisfaction and their online event experience.

She speaks French, English and is learning Dutch.

Yaelle is living in the Netherlands and enjoys cooking food from different countries.