Elevating Hybrid Performance

To mitigate the challenges and risks of a hybrid environment, the team needs to develop ground rules and operating norms building upon what they have learned in the curriculum for Managing Hybrid Teams. These ground rules and operating norms are established through the collaborative development of the Team Operating Agreement (TOA).

Creating a Hybrid Team Operating Agreement

TOA Level One

The TOA is a highly effective tool for preventing team dysfunction and im-proving team productivity. The TOA sets out expectations, norms for acceptable and unacceptable behaviours among the team members, and the mechanisms by which team members will hold each other accountable.

Set up your team for success with this powerful collaborative session. Giving them the opportunity to work through this together generates buy-in, guides the team’s actions and interactions, and provides a reference tool the rein-forces valued behaviour. Imagine how much better an experience it can be for your hybrid teams to be unified and working with purpose, clear about their team’s operating norms.

This session will take participants through the first four steps of creating and maintaining a Team Operating Agreement. After this program, we recommend all participants join in a follow-up session.

  • Discuss what leaders and team members need from each other to work together more effectively.
  • Discuss a seven-step process to improve accountability.
  • Identify new actions and behaviours that are agreed upon by the manager and the team.
  • Learn three proven strategies to hold team members accountable to their work and the agreement.
Follow-up to Creating a Hybrid Team Operating Agreement

TOA Level Two

It’s easy to learn something new, but hard to make it stick. Trying to align an entire hybrid team and change individuals’ engrained behaviours requires ongoing support. Without accountability, respect, and follow through, there is a danger that more problems can brew under the surface.

After the initial four-step program, your team finishes creating their Team Operating Agreement(s) and puts it into practice.

After completing the follow-up steps of the TOA process, your team will have a solid foundation to grow stronger together. When team members take ownership of their agreements to ensure it stays current to changing needs and keep each other accountable, they can focus on what’s important for the business. High performing teams are committed to each other and reach higher together.

During this follow-up session participants will:

  • Share the experience of creating and using their Team Operating Agreement(s).
  • Celebrate the successes and collaborate on how to overcome the challenges.
  • Deepen their understanding of how to use and maintain their TOA.
  • Develop new skills to adopt, adapt, and evaluate the effectiveness of their TOA.
Webinar: Applied Skills Training

An integral part of learning new skills is to apply them to your hybrid work environment. All our customized solutions include this post-session webinar support. At the end of the program, all the participants get customized assignments to practice on the job. In this facilitated session, participants can ask questions that might have come up in their practice, plus share what worked and what didn’t work with the group. Group sharing is a powerful way to deepen the learning from their own personal experience, as well as that of others.

  • Describe your successes and challenges in implementing the learning.
  • Brainstorm solutions for the challenges you experienced.
  • Review outstanding questions and identify solutions.
  • Create an action plan.