One-On-One Coaching for Leaders

Whether you’re a new manager or a seasoned leader, leading virtually has a unique set of challenges that may require you to stretch your skill set. Our one-on-one coaching program provides you with personalized support to explore areas you want to work on. Our coaching provides space for team leaders and managers to explore how to adopt and implement the four essential practices of compassionate, connected teams: empathy, presence, awareness and action.

Coaching to Prevent Distraction

Uncertain times such as we’re dealing with during this pandemic can be difficult for leaders. Often, you’re being pulled in multiple directions. You’re busier than ever with seemingly endless meetings. You’re dealing with your own stressors and you’re finding it hard to stay on top of everything with all the distractions. Our coaching will help you cope with the challenges and stresses of a packed agenda, transform your patterns of behaviour, and develop new habits to support increased focus and productivity. The coaching will help you take responsibility and control of your workday, and actively influence the process and outcome of all meetings. You’ll learn how to be mindful, regardless of the distractions around you, and set healthy boundaries to be fully engaged in the moment.

Coaching to Improve Emotional Resilience

As a leader, are you able to cope with disruptive changes while still maintaining your focus and energy level under stress? How emotionally resilient is your team? Our coaching will help you tap into your strengths and resources to rebound from challenging situations in your daily life. You’ll also uncover strategies to support your team members by providing them with a safe space where they can talk about their challenges. You’ll gain insights that will enable you to be a coach to them so they can also learn how to tap into their own resources in a more effective way.

Coaching to Develop Bi-directional Empathy

Bi-directional empathy is the ability to connect with your team members and manage downward while also recognizing and relating to what’s going on above you. Empathy is an important skill that helps leaders effectively support their teams. It’s a muscle to flex. Our coaching will show you how to flex it more effectively. You’ll uncover your own approach for empathy and how to create a safe space for your team members to communicate what’s going for them so that you can connect in a way that’s real and valuable for them.

Coaching to Perfect the Art of Asking Questions

To acquire honest and meaningful insights, you need to ask the right questions in the right way. We’ve identified four pillars that can help shape your approach to conversations: presence, empathy, awareness and action. Our coaching will help you discover how to ask questions that will help the person reflect and gain some perspective on their issue or challenge. You’ll practice asking about sensitive topics without feeling like you’re prying. You’ll also learn how to ask questions from different angles to trigger a response when people are unsure of how to answer.

You’ll leave every session with an actionable, personalized plan, focused on overcoming obstacles to ensure rapid change and sustainable momentum. This program is designed around four one-hour coaching sessions scheduled over a four-week period.