Leadership in the Hybrid Workplace

Leaders are operating in an increasingly complex hybrid environment. Some are managing multiple goals and priorities on many teams. With increased demands to meet business objectives, it’s hard to find the right balance of trust, control and communication with some team members you’ll never engage with face-to-face. In these sessions, you will learn how to go from good to great.

Think like a leader, become a leader

Learn the skills needed to lead a hybrid team. Rank your hybrid leadership skills with our self-assessment quiz.

Learn what makes your team tick

Learn the top 6 strategies to keep your fingers on the emotional and task-related pulse of your team to increase level of engagement and productivity.

Build strength and resilience

Learn how to strengthen individual and team resilience and ensure your team’s well-being.

Making Norms the Norm

Learn how to establish team norms and reinforce culture by using a Team Operating Agreement. A TOA is defined as a set of behavioural norms that the team agrees to abide by and it sets the stage for how the team will work together, resulting in improved team hybrid team collaboration.

Series Outline

  • One 60-minute session per week | Four different skills training sessions
  • Engaging and interactive sessions with immediate feedback
  • Key points to remember summary sheet for each workshop
  • Turn learning into leading – tip sheets on how to apply what you’ve learned at work and in the real world
  • Skills sessions run virtually on Zoom and/or TEAMS