Productivity in the Hybrid Workplace

As more remote teams transition to a hybrid structure, one question at the forefront of many business leaders’ minds is how to boost productivity in a hybrid environment. But hybrid workers can still face barriers that derail their productivity. As a leader your goal is to create a hybrid culture where your peers, senior management, your teams are engaged to do what they do best every day. These sessions will assist you in getting the results you want with less time and effort and shifting focus to what matters.

Mindset on leading and working in your hybrid teams

Explore your mindset on leading a hybrid team and your team’s mindset on working in a hybrid team. Describe actions and behaviours you can take as a leader to shift these mindsets.

Boost productivity and engagement by getting buy-in

Learn how to improve productivity and engagement by getting genuine buy-in from team members.

Keep tasks on track through balance and planning

Learn how address the challenges of time management and communication preferences in a hybrid environment.

Apply your learning to a case study

Learn how to consolidate everything you’ve learned and apply it to your workplace.

Series Outline

  • One 60-minute session per week | Four different skills training sessions
  • Engaging and interactive sessions with immediate feedback
  • Key points to remember summary sheet for each workshop
  • Turn learning into leading – tip sheets on how to apply what you’ve learned at work and in the real world
  • Skills sessions run virtually on Zoom and/or TEAMS