Successful Meetings in the Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid Team Meetings come with unique challenges that can cause you problems if they are not addressed right away. Distractions, multi-tasking, and passive silence can be signs that your team members are feeling disconnected and dissatisfied. Ineffective hybrid meetings can cost your organization thousands of dollars and negatively impact your capacity to compete. These sessions will provide you with strategies you can use immediately to improve your hybrid meetings.

Make your meetings worth it

Discover tactics to prep for every stage of the meeting process: pre, during, and post-meeting. Learn how to ensure engagement by running meetings that make every moment count.

Get engagement right out of the gate

Learn five techniques that build engagement right from the start and maintain the momentum throughout your entire virtual meeting.

Provide a sense of accomplishment

Learn how to wrap up your meetings with key takeaways, clearly defined next steps, and accountability for deliverables. Ensure clarity, not confusion when team members leave the meeting.

Employ alternatives to video meetings

Explore alternative ways to share information without relying so heavily on video meetings. Learn how to avoid Zoom fatigue by using other means of communication.


Series Outline

  • One 60-minute session per week | Four different skills training sessions
  • Engaging and interactive sessions with immediate feedback
  • Key points to remember summary sheet for each workshop
  • Turn learning into leading – tip sheets on how to apply what you’ve learned at work and in the real world
  • Skills sessions run virtually on Zoom and/or TEAMS