Helping Leaders Deal with Mandatory Return-to-Office Requirements for Public Servants

Your government employees are being mandated to return to in-person office work two to three days per week. While some employees are open to a hybrid work model, public service unions say that a majority still want to keep working from home.

At Virtual Team Builders, we have worked closely with senior leaders in government and business since the start of the pandemic to implement virtual workplaces. Now we are helping organizations transition to new hybrid working models.

With last week’s announcement by the Treasury Board Minister, we understand the challenges of expecting your employees to spend 40% to 60% of their time at the office. The disconnect between what is being mandated and what employees want means that you as a team leader will have to address these concerns and create a fair and equitable hybrid environment.

Here are some of the key issues you will face

Understanding the challenges of working in the new hybrid model:

  • Training your supervisors on how to lead their team through the change

Knowing how to respond to questions from front-line employees:

  • Questions about the in-office requirements and how the logistics of the hybrid model apply to their situation

Determining the best ways to get the work done:

  • What work needs to be done together (synchronously)
  • What work can be done separately (asynchronously)
  • How to do mission-critical work (virtually or face-to-face)

Defining who works what day:

  • Will everyone be mandated to come in on the same days every week
  • Will employees be able to choose which days they want to come in
  • Who must come in two days/week and who must be there three days/week

Identifying all the key horizontal co-working teams you need to connect with:

  • Figuring out how best to align various team schedules

Identifying how to reinforce the value of coming into the office for your employees:

  • Sharing in the culture of being in the office and building connections with colleagues
  • Experiencing face-to-face teamwork and collaboration that cannot be recreated virtually
  • Being able to better integrate and mentor new team members

Leadership training to drive success and productivity in the hybrid model

It’s crucial that leaders like you strike the balance between government requirements, organization business needs, safety concerns, and employee preferences. At Virtual Team Builders, we specialize in training leaders on how to establish their concept of operations for a hybrid workforce for maximum effectiveness.

We can provide you with support in setting up and managing your hybrid team successfully. Our consulting and training process offers proven strategies to ensure your team is engaged and high performing.

Here is our three-step process:

  1. We meet with your leaders to help them position the benefits of coming back to the office and help them relate that message to their staff.
  2. We conduct interviews with the leaders to assess their concerns with leading their teams in this new hybrid model.
  3. We provide a detailed training plan for how best to move forward in this hybrid model.

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