How Can You Energize Your Virtual Team?

Today we are going to be talking about making genuine connections with your virtual team members, and what that really means. Connecting with people virtually goes beyond simply sharing information about each other; it comes from genuine intention to grow relationships, and the genuine presence that comes from that intention.

How can energy help you drive your virtual team?

Many individuals get energized from being around friends, family, and colleagues. When they plug into these groups, they feel energized. When you can “plug in” your virtual team to each other it can produce incredible energy. But how does this connection happen? How can you energize your virtual team?

Have you ever been in the company of a leader or team member who exudes excitement for their work and then felt pumped about your own role thanks to their infectious energy? Just as one person’s reason why they do what they do drives their work ethic and engagement, it can also fuel the fire in a colleague’s work.

Part of the energy that we feel or sense comes from the genuine presence. When you feel like the person on the other end of the computer screen is actually being attentive to you, you’re likely to feel heard and like your voice truly matters. Feeling this presence can energize your virtual team.

How can you create this energy in your virtual team?

By finding out what truly matters to each of your team members.

You’ve stayed in your job for a reason. That reason is what’s driven you forward through all the setbacks and uncertainty that accompanies any career.

What about the people you work with?

  • Why do they work where they work?
  • What are they truly passionate about; what drives them?
  • What fulfills them?

Get to know each other as co-workers and as individuals by digging deep about why they do the job they do. By opening up to each other, your purposes and values take the forefront.

Why are driving forces important in a virtual workplace?

Revealing your virtual team’s common purposes and values can achieve four things:

  1. Your virtual team members can inspire and feel energized by each other.
  2. You build a sense of camaraderie.
  3. It can drive your business forward.
  4. Knowing what matters to each person on your team can build synergy and motivation.

When you achieve this you go beyond the task, beyond the superficial; you contribute something that matters, not just to your team, not just to your corporation, but to the world.

At Virtual Team Builders, our goal, our “something that matters” is making the world a smaller place. We aim to change the way virtual teams work by creating truly connected virtual teams. It’s why we do the work we do, and it’s why we write blog posts like these. It’s up to you now to find your “something that matters” with your team.